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Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

I know Lexington is disappointed with their loss to Smithville. As a Smithville resident and fan we have endured many painful losses over the past few years. However, only one team brings a loud noise maker into our stadium and points it toward our fans and then fires it off when our kids don’t perform.

If Lexington wants to celebrate your kids’ performance with a loud noisemaker such as your air horn, please point it at your fans. Let’s teach our kids good sportsmanship, celebrate their successes and let the other team celebrate their victories and battle their challenges without showing bad sportsmanship by being offensive when the other team has not performed well. Each of these kids are trying their best and, as leaders and adults, let’s reward their success and encourage them when they fail.

When there is an interception, at least two offensive players are feeling very bad and one defensive player is feeling very good. Let the supporters of each team give their praise and consolation accordingly.

In future years, please point your horn at your fans or leave it at home. We find it offensive and very unsportsmanlike.

Good luck in your hunt for a 2A championship.

Tom Bettes, Smithville Fan and Resident

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