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August 22, 2011
By Victor Gonzales, Lee County Game Warden

I patrolled Lake Somerville on Sunday morning specifically looking for obstructions and danger zones that might cause damage to the boating public. For the most part, one must take care when leaving the three remaining ramps (Overlook Marina, Birch Creek State Park, Rocky Creek Park), because of low water and hidden obstructions. Once in the lake, one must remember the total area of the lake has become smaller, so stay well off any point unless moving into shallow water to fish, then proceed slowly. A good sign is watching for birds standing in open water as this means the lake bed has risen and soon you’ll probably run aground.

If traveling from Overlook Marina towards the dam, this area has become very shallow and boaters would be wise to stay just off the rock island until reaching open water. At Birch Creek State Park, the ramp is shallow but accessible. Caution must be used when loading/unloading because the concrete ramp has turned into sand and there’s at least one solid object (as I found out) in line with the ramp when driving onto the trailer. Rocky Creek is just as shallow but affords a quicker route to open water. For those boaters who know the lake, now is the time to take a camera and GPS and mark fishing spots, obstructions, shoreline, drop-offs, obstacles marked by buoy lines and exposed reef and rocks.

In other news, I still have not received any information into the fence cutting which occurred on a high fence ranch located north of Paige. After speaking with the owner and ranch foreman, additional security measures have been activated including “boots on the ground” monitoring. If anyone has information leading to the arrest for those responsible, give me a call at 979-540-0194.

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