2011-08-18 / School

From the Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Frances M. McArthur, PhD Lexington ISD

As we look forward to next Monday, August 22nd the beginning of our new school year, I am reminded of how very blessed we are in Lexington ISD. We are blessed with capable students, caring and well trained teachers, dedicated staff members, a committed parent and volunteer base and a community who values education. If you are new to the area, it won’t take you long to see that you have chosen a great place for your children to learn and thrive. All of us in Lexington ISD are glad to have you here.

You will find our students are not only strong in a large number of academic and athletic achievements, they are thoughtful, respectful individuals who demonstrate leadership potential.

This year we will be challenging our students to demonstrate character and leadership as they inspire, equip and empower every one they know to support a chain reaction of kindness and compassion as we adopt Rachel’s Challenge.

Rachel’s Challenge focuses on replacing the negative motivations and behaviors of bullying with positive acts of kindness, compassion, and helpfulness. The program is based on the idea that acts of kindness and compassion do impact the world and that young people can be the catalyst for this change with kind words and compassion. I want to thank our secondary counselors who spoke to countless groups and individuals to raise the $5,000.00 needed to make Rachel’s Challenge a reality in Lexington ISD. I also want to thank the Rotary Club, the Lions Club, and several members of our community who generously gave for this cause.

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