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You Know You’ve Seen too Much Drought When ....

With an extended forecast of hot and dry, this devastating drought in Texas is pushing farmers and ranchers to their limits. Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying. Here are Texas Agriculture Talks Top Ten signs when “You Know You’ve Seen Too Much Drought....”

10. The windmill starts pumping dust.
9. The dry spell of the ‘50s seems like a pleasant memory.
8. You pick ticks off the fish before you scale them.
7. You hope global warming is true so it will cool things off.
6. You long for the winter you broke ice for your cows.
5. Rain is a four letter word you’re happy to hear.
4. The mesquites packed their bags and headed for Minnesota.
3. Ranchers are selling beef jerky on the hoof.
2. You threaten bodily harm to the next guy who says “We’re one day
closer to a rain.”

And the Number One Sign you’ve seen too much drought:

Your neighbors applaud your naked rain dance!

Keep your sense of humor, my friends. It’s about all you can bank on in these hard times.

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