2011-08-11 / General Stories

Camp Swift Fire Burns Nearly 1000 Acres

Texas Military Forces continue to assist Texas Forest Service and local fire departments in fighting brush fires at Camp Swift that started Friday afternoon, involving nearly 1,000 acres of brush land on the training area.

Military assets involved in fighting the fire include Camp Swift first-responders, bulldozer crews and helicopters for reconnaissance and aerial firefighting.

The fire is currently confined within the boundaries of Camp Swift and officials are assessing the level of success in stopping its spread. Their last reported statistic was 90% contained, containment meaning no further spreading within the camp.

Maj. Gen. John F. Nichols, Commander of the Texas Military Forces, said, “Our first priority is to assist in containing and extinguishing the fire in order to protect our fellow Texans, our Soldiers, our neighbors’ and associated property.”

A formal investigation is ongoing. The fire was not a result of a scheduled training exercise. Initial reports indicate an accident during a small team of Soldiers’ efforts to clean up a training site may have contributed.

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