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Flatbed Trailer Burns to the Ground

Four Lexington Volunteer Fire Department trucks responded to a fire shortly before 11: 30 Wednesday morning, August 3 on Hwy. 77 at Linda’s Kitchen.

Chris Poole, from Hawkins, Texas, was driving through Lexington Wednesday morning pulling a flatbed trailer loaded with oilfield equipment. He noticed that one tire on his trailer was low, so he pulled off Highway 77, into the parking lot of Linda’s Kitchen. He then called a service company to bring a tire to his location.

He got out of the truck after making the call and walked to the trailer to check the tire when he noticed that it was on fire. He quickly separated his pickup from the trailer and used two fire extinguishers to try and put out the blaze, but was unsuccessful, so he called 911.

The fire was consuming the trailer and had traveled into the grass on the edge of the highway when the fire department arrived ten minutes later. Apparently, Poole had cargo that consisted of a gel mixed with mineral oil, the combination of which could have caused the fire to spread if firefighters had doused it with water. However, experience was on the side of the firefighters who used fire retardant foam, extinguishing it very quickly. The apparent cause of the fire was a bearing that went out and overheated.

Approximately ten Lexington volunteer firefighters helped to battle the blaze. The trailer was a total loss. There were no injuries. Poole was on his way to a jobsite for Pro-Stim Services, an oilfield service company out of Longview.

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