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Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

July 25, 2011

A caller reported a truck was parked behind the Methodist Church on CR 331 in Lexington. Deputy Ray was dispatched and searched the area. The church was found secure and no vehicle was located.

Deputy Ray spoke to a complainant regarding harassing and threatening phone calls. A report was written and investigation continues at this time.

The Sheriff’s Office received an alarm call at a business on Hwy 290 West. Deputy Rudolph responded and searched the area and found everything secure.

July 26, 2011

Deputy Rudolph was dispatched to CR 430 to put up cows that were out on the roadway. The cows were located approx 50 yards off Hwy 21.

Deputy Durrenberger advised that he was in pursuit of a motorcycle on Hwy 21 that was clocked traveling at over 100 mph. Captain Gonzales, Deputy Ray, Deputy York, Deputy Allen and Deputy Skinner attempted to locate the motorcycle. Deputy Allen reported that he saw the motorcycle turn into the store at Hwy 290 West @ FM 696. The driver was arrested and his motorcycle was impounded.

A motorist reported that a blue Volvo and a Lincoln Town Car were traveling eastbound on Hwy 290 and neither vehicle had license plates. Deputy Kahn checked to the county line but was unable to locate the vehicles.

Deputy Kahn checked out an alarm at a business on Hwy 290 West. The owner was on scene and advised that an employee was unable to reset the alarm before it went off. Everything was okay.

A caller reported an abandoned vehicle on Hwy 77 just south of Pumpco in a ditch. Deputy Rudolph checked on the truck and reported that it appeared to be disabled but was completely off the roadway.

A complainant reported that his brother was at his residence causing problems. He had asked him to leave but he refused. Deputy Liles, Deputy Rudolph, Deputy Kahn and Deputy Allen responded to the call. The subject left the residence and was advised not to return.

Deputy Rudolph took a theft report from a subject advising that someone had stolen her cell phone. Several witnesses told her the name of the person who had it. A report was taken and charges are pending at this time.

July 27, 2011

A complainant requested that a deputy respond to his residence on PR 5008 in Ledbetter because he was having problems with his juvenile child. Deputy Liles and Deputy Kahn spoke to the father who reported that his child had anger problems. The issue was resolved for the night.

A woman reported that she has not heard from her mother since early July. She had been attempting to call her several times but she doesn’t answer her phone. Captain Gonzales and Deputy Skinner went to the residence on FM 696 and located the mother. She reported that her phone line has been down but she will make contact with her daughter.

July 28, 2011

Deputy Crockett and Deputy Skinner received a call regarding 3 missing horses from a complainant on CR 127 in Ledbetter. The complainant called back and reported that the horses came running out of the woods and back into his pasture.

Austin DPS reported that a motorist was stranded on Hwy 21 in Manheim. The vehicle was described as a green Dodge Intrepid. Deputy Skinner checked the area but advised dispatch that the vehicle had cleared the scene.

A complainant reported that a male was ejected from the softball game at the fairgrounds but refused to leave. The subject appeared to be intoxicated. Deputy Liles and Deputy Rudolph searched for the subject but were advised that he had left the property.

July 29, 2011

A caller reported an attempted break in at the concession stand at the fairgrounds. Chief Deputy Lapham and Deputy Ray met with the complainant. A close patrol of the building was put into effect and deputies will be checking on the building on all shifts.

Chief Deputy Lapham located loose cattle two miles into Williamson on Spur 619 and ran them off the roadway.

A resident on CR 227 who reported receiving a call from someone who stated that he was an officer in the department of fraud service out of New York and told her she was being sued. They requested information which she did not give them and hung up. Deputy Ray reported that it was a scam and to not disclose any information to anyone.

Deputy Kahn and Deputy Rudolph spoke to a complainant regarding her daughter’s boyfriend. An incident occurred regarding their child and she wanted to have a report on file.

July 30, 2011

A caller reported a one vehicle rollover accident on Hwy 290 West. He advised that it appeared to be a white 4 door car that rolled and struck a tree. No one was in or around the vehicle. Deputy Durrenberger assisted at the scene and waited for a Trooper from Fayette County to arrive.

Deputy Ray and Deputy Durrenberger checked out an alarm at a business on Hwy 290 West. Everything was secure and owner was notified.

The Sheriff’s Office received a 9-1-1 call from a female stating that she had been assaulted by her boyfriend. She stated that he had cut her arm. Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Ray responded to the scene on FM 141 in Dime Box. Upon arrival deputies advised that the complainant was being uncooperative and denied ever calling 9-1-1. Her friend confirmed that she let her use her phone to call.

A complainant reported that kids were riding 4-wheelers and motorcycles on CR B and CR 309 causing a traffic hazard. Deputy Allen was dispatched and searched both roads but was unable to locate anyone.

Deputy Ray was dispatched to the church on CR 131 in Ledbetter because a complainant reported a vehicle in the parking lot. The subjects had tried to secure the door.

A caller reported that a female was at his house in Dime Box and she was going crazy. She went outside and was hitting the windshield of his truck with her fist and cracked it. She went back inside and tried to take the phone from him while he was on the phone with the Sheriff’s Office. Deputy Ray and Deputy Durrenberger were on their way when the complainant reported that she drove off in his work truck that belongs to Diamond P. A report was written and charges are pending at this time. The truck was entered into TCIC/NCIC as a stolen vehicle.

Adult Protective Services requested a welfare check on a female that has medical issues. Deputy Allen spoke to the female and she was okay.

Lifeline called and reported that one of their clients pressed his button and stated that he needed the police because he thought he saw someone at his window. Deputy Rudolph checked the premises and everything appeared okay.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from the complainant who had earlier reported that a female left in his work truck. He stated that he received a call from her and she told him where she left the truck that she drove off in earlier. He went and got the truck but he had no idea where she was.

July 31, 2011

Deputy Rudolph was dispatched to CR 413 after a caller reported that he could see lights of a vehicle at the road and could hear people yelling. Deputy Rudolph checked the area but advised that the vehicle had left prior to his arrival.

Deputy Allen, Deputy Durrenberger, and Deputy Ray assisted Trooper Manner in a one car accident on Hwy 77 just north of the High School.

Deputy Allen and Deputy Ray completed a welfare check on a female in Lexington.

Deputy Allen and Deputy Kahn took a report on mailbox damage on CR 127.

Jail Count:

07/31/2011; 51 Male: 45 Female: 6

The Lee County Jail had 1364 inmate jail days in population and 43 inmate jail days in holding AND Lee County Dispatcher received 311 calls for service for the month of July.


1-866-930-TIPS (8477)

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