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New Chief Checks in with a High Speed Chase

New Lexington Police Chief Jerry Bowden was initiated into Lexington and Lee County police action last Tuesday afternoon around 2 p.m. Chief Bowden, who was patrolling near Hwy. 77 at the time, received a call from the Lee County Sheriff ’s Department reporting there was a motorcycle traveling over 100 mph on Hwy. 77 near CR 405, heading toward Lexington. Shortly after receiving the call, Bowden observed the motorcyclist on FM 112 after he had cut through town on Rockdale Street and turned west out of town. At that time, Bowden turned on his emergency lights, informed the Sheriff’s Department that he had located the driver and pursued the motorcycle. When the motorcyclist saw the Chief’s lights, he “gunned it” and turned onto FM 696 West at the “Y”.

Chief Bowden said, “After the guy got to the first hill on 696, I saw his wheels leave the road as he was pulling away from me, and I clocked him at 105 mph.”

The Chief continued, “ I continued to pursue the motorcycle and the Sheriff’s Department caught up with me, but he was leaving us both behind. We continued down FM 696 and estimated that he was traveling at speeds in excess of 150 mph.”

When the law enforcement officers got to the Hwy 290 intersection, they had lost sight of the motorcycle, when Lee County Sheriff’s Deputy Allen reported that he saw the motorcycle turn into the convenience store and the driver went inside.

Officers arrested Thomas Edward Webb, 34 from San Marcos, at the store and the motorcycle was impounded. The Sheriff’s report indicated that he thought the officers were pursuing him because there was a warrant out for his arrest. The report also indicated that Webb was trying to flush some marijuana and a pipe down the toilet at the store when officers arrested him.

Coincidentally, Giddings Police officers were on another high speed chase pursuing a Ford pickup that had been stolen from the Lowe’s parking lot in Brenham. All the officers emerged near the same intersection at almost the same time, ending their pursuits.

Officers involved were Deputy Durrenberger, Captain Gonzales, Deputy Ray, Deputy York, Deputy Allen and Deputy Skinner with the Lee County Sheriff’s Department and Lexington Police Chief Jerry Bowden.

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