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Summer Reading Art/ Writing Contest Winners

Art Winner (3-4 yr. olds) Preslie Milburn won 1st Place.

Art Winners (5-6 yr. olds) included: 1st place - Kalleigh Kawazoe; 2nd place - Jordan Tally and 3rd place - Jake Milburn. Merit Award Certificates in this category were given to Kaelyn Handrick, Stephen Ray and Karley Schulze.

Art Winners (7-9 yr. olds) went to: 1st place (tie) - Misha Awad and Karsyn Kawazoe; 2nd place - Jaina Lara; 3rd place (tie) – Ben Ristow and Carey Ray. Merit Award Certificates in this age group were given to Andrew Rodriguez, Abbie Horne and Ryan Melcher.

Art Winners (10-12 yr. olds) went to: 1st place - Heather Exner; 2nd place - Korbyn Kawazoe and 3rd place (tie) - KayAnne Zoch and Kaylene Beisert.

Writing Contest Winners (7-9 yr.olds) were: 1st place - Jaime Doggett and 2nd place - Karsyn Kawazoe.

Writing Contest Winners(10- 12 yrs.) were: 1st place - Korbyn Kawazoe and 2nd place - Heather Exner.

Giddings Public Library: Director Pamela Hutchinson, Trudy S. Doerfler- Children’s Librarian, Support Staff Rosa Tovar , Betty Durkin, Carolyn Kovar, and Judy Belyeu

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