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Aqua Water Asks for Water Conservation

The General Manager of Aqua Water Supply Corporation, Bill Loven, has announced the immediate implementation of Stage 1 of the Aqua drought contingency plan. The goal of the conservation effort is to achieve a voluntary 10% reduction of daily water demand sufficient to stabilize water levels in key water storage tanks. The company will also discontinue all water main flushing and shut off all fire hydrant meters that are for non-essential use.

Aqua members are requested to voluntarily limit the irrigation of landscaped areas to once every five days. All watering should be done before 10:00 am or after 7:00 pm. When irrigating, members are urged to apply no more than one-inch of water. Members should water their landscape based on the last digit of their home address, PO Box, or rural delivery number according to the table provided below:

In announcing the implementation of their drought contingency plan, Bill Loven, stated, “In some parts of our service area our well pumps are now running 85% of the time. We would like to reduce that to about 75%, and also, to take some pressure off the local aquifers.” Aqua will announce when voluntary conservation may cease in concert with drought declarations made by the TCEQ.

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