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County Business Progresses

During the Regular meeting of the Lee County Commissioners on Monday, the Texas Association of Counties presented to Lindy Krause, Lee County Treasurer, the Making a Difference Award. The award is earned through a record of excellence in the involvement and commitment to safety in the workplace. Only four counties in Texas received this prestigious award.

The Commissioners also heard a presentation by a representative from Insurance Network of Texas concerning the coming year’s Medical, Dental and Life Insurance rates and the services Insurance Network of Texas provides as the County’s Insurance Broker.

They also heard a recommendation concerning rates for the upcoming year. According to Insurance Network of Texas, health and dental rates for the same coverage as this past year will increase by 11.5%, almost totally caused by the new Affordable Health Care Act, more commonly known as Obama Care.

In order to hold down the County’s share of these costs, it was recommended that the yearly deductible for employee’s insurance be increased by $150 from $750 to $900 per year; copays from $25 per visit to $30 per visit and emergency co-pay from $100 to $120 per visit.

On a request from an Employee from the Lee County Law Enforcement Center asking to change pay from monthly to biweekly, the Court voted to refer this issue to the Personnel Policy Committee for consideration.

The Court voted to appoint Commissioner Maurice Pitts to the Board of Directors of the Capital Area Housing Finance Corporation. The Court also voted to approve a resolution for Local Fund Participation- Waived Federal Off-System Bridges for a bridge located at CR113 at Elm Creek and a bridge at CR306 at Middle Yegua Creek.

After considerable discussion, the Court agreed to approve extending the contract for the Courthouse Project by nine days in order to account for the added work involved with the voids uncovered in the Courthouse foundation. It is still expected that other voids will be found.

The Commissioners acted to retain Donald W. Holcomb, who is with Knolle, Holcomb, Kothmann and Callahan, to assist the County Attorney with potential litigation concerning the Lee County Courthouse. The exact action expected is in the very early stages at this point, but legal options concerning previous work is being pursued.

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