2011-07-14 / Police

Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

July 4, 2011

A complainant reported that a dark colored 4 door vehicle was driving around Hale St. in Lexington very slowly. Deputy Durrenberger attempted to locate a vehicle matching the description.

Deputy Carvin was dispatched to St Joseph’s Hospital in Caldwell to transport a mental subject to a mental hospital in Houston.

A concerned citizen reported that a man had been in the Lexington Park all day and thought someone should check on him. Deputy Rudolph was dispatched and located the subject who advised he was just out enjoying the nice day.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from a subject advising that a female attempted suicide at a residence on Cherry Dr. in Lexington. Deputy Rudolph responded along with Lexington EMS. The female was taken to a hospital.

A resident reported that her brother was intoxicated and had passed out in her garage. Deputy Rudolph responded and advised that the subject left and all was okay.

Deputy Liles spoke to a subject that reported that she got to her house in Lexington and found her juvenile grandson sitting on her porch. The juvenile advised that his mother kicked him out of their house in Houston.

July 5, 2011

A caller reported that across the road from his driveway he could see a man that had put up a small shelter and was sleeping in it. Deputy Liles located the subject and ran a check on him. He was clear of any warrants. He advised he was riding his bike to Rockdale and stopped to sleep.

Deputy Liles transported a female from Lexington to Austin State Hospital for MHMR. Subject was transported without any problems.

Deputy Carvin was dispatched to FM 141 @ CR 432 in Dime Box after a motorist reported two horses were out. The owners were on scene and got the horses back on their property.

Several callers reported a one vehicle rollover on Hwy 77 North just north of Lexington. Deputy Carvin assisted Trooper Thorp at the scene.

Deputy Allen assisted Trooper Weiser at the scene of an accident on FM 180. One subject was reported to be penned under the vehicle. GVFD was dispatched with the jaws.

A caller reported that she was driving near Hwy 77 South @ CR 217 and she noticed a bunch of kids bunched together and it appeared they were trying to set some grass on fire. After driving past the second time she advised that it looked like they had some fireworks. Deputy Crockett was dispatched to the call.

Deputy Allen and Deputy Skinner were dispatched to a residential burglar alarm in Dime Box. The house was secure.

A complainant reported that someone keyed his car while his wife had it at work in Lexington. Deputy Rudolph took the report. Investigation continues on this case.

July 6, 2011

Deputy Kahn responded to a disturbance on CR 405 in Lexington. Dispatch received a call stating that his wife was having problems with her 17 year old granddaughter who is bipolar and has not been taking her medication. She was reported as being unruly and aggressive towards her grandmother. The situation was under control upon Deputy Kahn’s arrival.

A caller reported a suspicious vehicle in the 3300 block of CR 133. A tanker truck was parked at a well site. Deputy Liles located the vehicle and reported that the truck was picking up a load.

July 7, 2011

Lifeline called and reported that one of their clients on CR 450 in Dime Box was hearing noises outside of his house. Deputy Kahn checked the perimeter and found nothing unusual.

Deputy Ray was dispatched to a residence in Dime Box after a concerned neighbor reported not seeing her friend in a few days. Contact was made and everyone was found to be ok.

Deputy Liles was dispatched to a residence on Rockdale St. in Lexington after a juvenile made contact with him and advised that he was having problems with his mother. His mother called the Sheriff’s Office and reported that she got into an argument with her son and he left the house. The situation was resolved and the juvenile was released to his mother.

A motorist reported that he hit a cow in front of the Walch Store on Hwy 21. While on the phone the caller reported that more cows were getting out and another vehicle just hit a cow also. Deputy Kahn worked traffic until the Trooper from another county arrived.

Deputy Liles responded to a vehicle fire on FM 1697 near CR 125. The motorist reported that he pulled over to allow his vehicle to cool. When he attempted to start it up it caught fire.

July 8, 2011

A motorist reported that a white Chevrolet Impala was traveling on Hwy 290 and had run off the roadway approximately 6 times. The vehicle license plate was given to the dispatcher. Deputy Allen was in the area and located and stopped the vehicle. Trooper Weiser took the subject into custody and transported him to jail and charged him with driving while intoxicated.

A caller reported that she hit a deer on FM 1697 just west of FM 180. The deer was dead but it was still in the roadway. Deputy Rudolph responded and removed the carcass from the roadway.

July 9, 2011

Deputy Rudolph responded to a bank alarm in Lexington. The building was checked and found to be secure. The key holder was notified.

The Sheriff’s Office received an alarm call at a residence in Lexington. Deputy Kahn searched the residence and spoke to the owner. It was a false alarm. The owners forgot to turn it off.

Giddings Police Dept. requested assistance at a large disturbance on Richmond St. Deputy Kahn and Deputy Rudolph responded.

Deputy Crockett responded to an alarm call at the Lexington Food Mart. Everything was found to be secure. The key holder was notified.

Deputy Skinner and Deputy Allen assisted Phillips & Luckey with a funeral escort.

A complainant spoke to Deputy Crockett about problems she was having with her landlord at the Westwood Villa Apts. The complainant reported that her landlord cut off her air conditioner unit to her apartment and it is not the first time she had done this. Her apartment is very hot and she has small children. A report was taken and investigation continues at this time.

Deputy Carvin and Deputy Rudolph responded to a disturbance on CR 314 in Lexington. A caller reported that the neighbors were fighting and the man would not allow the woman to get her belongings and leave.

July 10, 2011

The Giddings Police Dept. requested Deputy Liles and Deputy Rudolph assist them on a call. One business had its windows broken out and they requested the deputies search along Hwy 290 and see if any other businesses had windows broken out.

Deputy Liles and Deputy Rudolph went to an EMS call on W. Independence St. after a caller requested an ambulance for her father because she believed he was having a heart attack. She knew he would refuse to go to the hospital.

The Sheriff’s Office received a 9-1-1 call from a female advising that there was a vehicle on fire in her pasture. She was unsure if anyone was inside the vehicle. Giddings Fire Dept was toned out for the Jaws of Life and South Lee F.D. also responded. No one was in the vehicle and the fire was put out.

A motorist reported a young female walking down the road on Hwy 21 approx 4 miles east of Hwy 77. Deputy Rudolph was dispatched and located her and brought her to the Sheriff’s Office and later released her to her father.

A caller requested that a deputy check on her roommate who she believed may be suicidal. Deputy Liles and Deputy Rudolph went to the residence on PR 3023 in Elgin and spoke to the subject. Everything was okay.


07/10/2011: 44 MALES: 36 FEMALES: 8

We have had an abundance of calls on mail box damage over the last couple of weeks. Please report suspicious activity. If you have information on the mail box bashers, call Crime Stoppers and earn a reward.



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