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Football Fun Facts

by Mike Organ

The record for NFL seasons played is 26 by George Blanda. He played for the Chicago Bears, Houston Oilers, and the Oakland Raiders. During the 26 years, he played in 411 professional games.

Emmitt Smith of Cowboy fame carried the football a record 4,409 times for 18,355 yards, both NFL records. Smith also leads in rushing touchdowns with 164. With these records, he does not rank in the top 100 in yards per carry. Oh, he can dance also.

Brett Favre ranks tops in pass attempts, completions, touchdown passes, and passing yards, just ahead of Dan Marino. Between the two, there is only one Super Bowl ring! Number three in all categories is Fran Tarkington. Fran has zero rings. Maybe being a top passer will not get you to the top of the NFL.

The leading receiver of all time is Jerry Rice of the San Francisco 49ers. He caught 1,553 passes in his career 22,895 yards and an NFL best of 198 touchdowns. That is a record that doesn’t look to be broken, but records are made to be a goal to break. Rice also ran back kicks and scored on reverses for a grand total of 210 TDs.

Shane Lechler from East Bernard, Texas A&M, and the Oakland Raiders is the leading punter in NFL history with 46.10 yards per kick.

Eric Dickerson, of Sealy, has the record for most yards in a season with 2,105. Only Jamaal Lewis, O.J. Simpson, Barry Sanders, and Terrell Davis have been over 2,000 yards in the history of the NFL. Probably the greatest of all, Jim Brown, only got 1,863 in his best year in 14 games. Not the sixteen they now play.

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