2011-07-07 / General Stories

Thank Goodness for Small Town People!

by Joelyn Spence of LaGrange

Thank goodness for small town people’s courtesy & kindness. On Wednesday, June 29, I drove over to Giddings to meet with a friend to look at a sofa. On my way home I decided to take advantage of the good gas prices. I stopped at the Brookshire Brothers gas pumps, filled my tank and when I got back in the car, it wouldn’t start. Dead battery! I called my husband at work to let him know what had happened. I also called Lori Schultz, the friend I had met earlier. Her husband, Ken Schultz, was working on a job there in Giddings. She said she would have him come by to see if he could help.

While I was waiting, I went over to the attendant to let her know that I had contacted my husband but would be unable to move the car until he got there. He was coming from Austin. She asked if I had checked the battery for corrosion. I had not, so I lifted the hood to check. It wasn’t more than a minute before a gentleman, Reverend T. Williams, stopped to help me and another minute before Mr. Tim Pitts, the manager of Brookshire Brothers, was also out at the pumps to see if there was anything he could do to help.

Ken also arrived to help. We tried unsuccessfully to jump start the car. I told them that I would just wait for my husband to get there to replace the battery. Mr. Pitts said not to worry about the car being in the way of the pumps. It would be okay. He also told me to come sit inside the store out of the sun and heat.

I visited with Reverend Williams long enough to learn that he is from Navasota and was also just in Giddings for the day. I walked back to the attendant’s booth. There was a new attendant on duty. I started to explain my situation to her. She said Mr. Pitts had already told her what was going on and that she would keep an eye on my car for me.

I walked over to the store and again spoke with Mr. Pitts. He asked if there was anything else he could do. He also said that I could wait in the employee break room if I wanted to. This Brookshire Brothers store has a wonderful food area and several tables & chairs where I was able to sit and enjoy some blackberry cobbler while I waited for my husband. I want to thank Reverend Williams, Mr. Pitts, Lori & Ken Schultz, and both of the attendants at the pumps for their kindness and help that day.

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