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Sens. Hutchison and Cornyn React to Major Disaster Declaration for Texas

Federal Declaration will provide Federal assistance to help communities recover from Texas wildfires

U. S. Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison ( R- TX) and John Cornyn (R-TX) today reacted to President Barack Obama’s issuance of a major disaster declaration for the State of Texas. Since December of 2010, more than three million acres of land in Texas have been burned by wildfires, causing many home losses and total monetary costs in excess of $140 million. This Major Disaster Declaration by the Federal government will provide Federal assistance needed for disaster recovery.

“This is welcome news for the State of Texas,” said Sen. Hutchison. “We need to ensure that farmers, ranchers, land owners and first responders receive the assistance that they need. And, I will keep fighting to make sure that Texans affected by these fires recover from their devastating losses.”

Senator Cornyn said, “I am glad the President finally answered the repeated calls of officials in Texas. I’m disappointed that he took so long to issue this declaration for the first responders, farmers, ranchers and landowners in Texas who suffered through the loss of hundreds of structures and thousands of wildfires. The declaration is critical to our firefighters and first responders as they continue to battle this year’s devastating wildfires. I will continue to push for the full period of relief, inclusion of all counties, and compensation that was requested by the State.”

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