2011-06-30 / Police

Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

June 20, 2011

Lifeline called and reported one of their subscriber’s reported hearing noises outside of his residence on CR 450 in Dime Box. Deputy Durrenberger responded and checked the property.

Captain Gonzales and Deputy Liles spoke to a complainant who reported that she had been assaulted by her husband and was at the hospital getting her arm checked out. The husband called later and reported that his estranged wife ran over his foot while driving away from the residence. A report was taken and the investigation continues at this time.

June 21, 2011

A juvenile female called and requested a deputy respond to her residence on Ave E in Lexington. Deputy Rudolph transported the juvenile to the Sheriff’s Office and MHMR was contacted to meet with the juvenile. The juvenile was later released back to her mother.

The Sheriff’s Office received an alarm at a residence on FM 141. Deputy Crockett responded and advised that the front door and the perimeter were secure.

A caller reported that he was house sitting and went to check on the property and found a vehicle parked at the driveway. Deputy Crockett responded and advised that the vehicle belonged to the homeowner’s grandson. Everything was okay.

A motorist reported a two vehicle accident on Hwy 77 North in Lexington. Everyone was out of the car and no one appeared injured. Deputy York and Deputy Crockett responded and assisted with traffic control and ultimately worked the accident

Deputy York spoke to a complainant who advised that his mailbox was damaged sometime during the night. The caller advised that there were other mailboxes damaged on CR 329.

Deputy Crockett and Deputy Skinner assisted with a civil stand by on CR 134 in Lincoln. A complainant reported that her exroommate was going to be picking up some of her property and she was afraid that she would start a fight with her.

A complainant spoke to Captain Gonzales about a problem she was having with her husband’s ex boss. He was refusing to allow her to pick up her husband’s truck and has been threatening her and her children.

Captain Gonzales and Deputy Skinner responded to a call on CR 308 in Lexington. A resident reported that someone had spray painted a portion of her pipe fence. A report was made.

June 22, 2011

A resident on FM 1624 reported that she had a stray donkey on her property that was attacking her calves and horses. She had already contacted the neighbors and no one claimed it. Deputy Crockett responded and penned the donkey. He is currently attempting to locate the owner.

Deputy Crockett responded to a theft call on CR 304. A complainant reported that someone had stolen some equipment. A report was made and investigation continues at this time.

A caller reported seeing a lot of smoke coming from Camp Tejas. Deputy Carvin responded and advised they were burning wood and brush. They were advised that Lee County is still under a burn ban and the fire was put out.

Deputy Liles was dispatched to the Colby Wood Apartments in Lexington after a caller reported that someone had slashed her tires. A report was made.

June 23, 2011

A resident on CR 118 reported a suspicious vehicle parked near her residence. Deputy Liles searched the area but advised that the vehicle had left prior to his arrival.

The Sheriff’s Office received several calls regarding mailboxes being damaged again on CR 226. Deputy Carvin is currently investigating the matter.

Deputy Carvin was also dispatched to CR 326 after receiving several more calls regarding mailboxes being damaged during the night.

A motorist reported that an 18- wheeler ran off the roadway on Hwy 77 North and nearly rolled over. The driver was able to get back on the roadway but was still swerving. Deputy Rudolph located the vehicle and spoke to the driver.

Deputy Rudolph removed a large piece of tire from Hwy 77 South approx 1 mile south of CR 223.

A caller reported that two vehicles had pulled up to the house in front of his. The house is abandoned and the home owner advised that no one should be there. Deputy Kahn and Deputy Rudolph located the vehicle and advised the occupants that they would have to find somewhere else to continue their anatomy lesson.

Deputy Kahn responded to a disturbance at the Westwood Villa Apartments. The complainant stated that her boyfriend had assaulted her. The parties were separated for the night and one female was given a courtesy ride to Lexington.

June 24, 2011

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from an oilfield company on FM 1697 who reported that someone had stolen some items off a rig. Deputy York responded and made a report. Investigation continues at this time.

Chief Deputy Lapham and Deputy York responded to a disturbance on FM 141. The caller stated that she was having issues with her juvenile son. The juvenile was transported to the Sheriff’s Office and then released to his juvenile probation officer.

A resident on CR 440 in Dime Box reported that someone had stolen a deep freezer and some other items. The residence is supposed to be vacant and no one has permission to remove anything from the property. Deputy York met with the complainants and took a burglary report.

Sheriff Meyer and Deputy Rudolph responded to a possible gas leak at the Nails Creek Park. Someone reported that gas was spewing from a pipe in the ground. It was determined to be an oil leak.

June 25, 2011

Washington County transferred a 9-1-1 call from a subject who claimed that he was assaulted and thrown out of a vehicle by his girlfriend. Deputy York met with the complainant at his residence and saw no signs that an assault took place.

Deputy Carvin was dispatched to FM 1624 after a caller reported that someone shot a hole through the door of her Dodge truck. She was unaware of when the incident may have occurred.

A caller reported that a male subject went to her house and was yelling and cussing at her. She asked him to leave but he refused. Deputy Carvin and Deputy Rudolph responded and made the subject leave and advised him to stay away from the complainant’s house.

Deputy Liles and Deputy Rudolph responded to a disturbance call on Hale and Snow St. in Lexington. A caller reported that they were yelling and throwing chairs around. It was a verbal confrontation only and everyone had calmed down.

June 26, 2011

A motorist reported that a vehicle was parked in her driveway. People are walking around the vehicle and she thinks they may need help. Deputy Rudolph responded but reported that the vehicle was gone prior to his arrival.

A resident on Hwy 21 in Dime Box reported hearing a lot of gun fire close to his house. Deputy Crockett and Deputy Skinner responded and patrolled the area.

Deputy Crockett and Deputy Skinner responded to a suspicious vehicle at a driveway on CR 216. The vehicle was parked at an entrance and no one was around. The vehicle appeared to be disabled. The deputies advised they would check on the vehicle again a little later.

JAIL COUNT: 06/26/ 2011: 54 MALES: 46 FEMALES:

The 4th of July is a time to remember our country’s birthday and the freedoms that we all enjoy. Remember, we live in the “ Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.” There is a Declaration of Local Disaster in Lee County prohibiting the use of all fireworks. Violations are punishable by a fine up to $500. May everyone have a safe and happy Fourth of July.


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