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Sheriff’s Report

June 13, 2011

Deputy Kahn and Deputy Liles assisted Trooper Thorp at the scene of an accident on Hwy 77 North near Tanglewood.

The Sheriff’s Office received an audible alarm at a business on Hwy 290 West. Deputy York responded and checked the building and perimeter which was secure.

Deputy York was dispatched to Cefco in Lexington to look for a tall, skinny white male who was possibly drinking in the parking lot. He had entered the store earlier and attempted to purchase a cigar but did not have enough money and got upset with the clerk. The subject was identified and checked for warrants and then given a courtesy ride out of town.

A caller reported that he has a bull on his property and it has been there since Friday night. Captain Gonzales responded and is in the process of attempting to locate the owner.

Deputy Durrenberger checked out a utility problem on FM 2440 to make sure it was not a safety issue. Verizon was contacted Saturday and they advised they would have someone out to fix it.

June 14, 2011

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from Louisiana requesting our assistance in locating a subject that had cut off his monitoring ankle bracelet and threatened to kill anyone who tried to take him back to jail. Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Rudolph attempted to locate the subject in the Dime Box area where he is known to have family. Burleson County located the vehicle and requested back up. Deputy Durrenberger responded and the subject was apprehended and transported to Burleson County Jail.

Deputy Ray was dispatched to FM 696 after a complainant called and reported that the people that were working on the roadway tore some fence down and now cows are getting out onto her place.

A caller reported seeing black smoke on CR 133 but did not know where it was coming from. GVFD and Deputy York were dispatched to check on the situation. The fire was located at Govan’s Wrecker Yard where a trailer house was on fire.

Deputy Durrenberger transported an inmate to the hospital. The inmate was transferred to Austin for tests. Deputy Ray stayed with the inmate while in the hospital in Austin.

June 15, 2011

Bastrop County transferred a 9- 1- 1 call from a woman who reported seeing a flare being shot in the air near Hwy 21 and FM 2440. Deputy Rudolph and Trooper Manner searched the area but did not locate anything.

Deputy Rudolph transported a male subject from St. Mark’s Hospital to Austin State Hospital.

Several callers reported that sometime last night their mailboxes were damaged on CR 324. Deputy Carvin and Deputy Allen checked the area and will be conducting a close patrol in the area.

Sheriff Meyer received a call regarding approx 10 head of cattle that continue to get out and get on his property and eat his hay. The cattle owner was notified and advised of the situation.

A motorist reported that a red Dodge Dually pulled over at the bridge on CR 118 and dumped trash bags. Deputy York responded and located the trash. Investigation continues on this case.

Deputy Carvin was dispatched to Hwy 77 South near Sons of Herman to check on a vehicle that was parked on the side of the road and the driver was attempting to flag people down. The vehicle was gone upon his arrival.

A resident on Sherrill Lane called and reported that she could see and smell smoke inside her house but could not locate it. Lexington Fire Dept and Deputy Allen were dispatched to the residence and located the source in the basement.

Deputy Kahn made a theft report for a complainant who advised that someone stole his dolly that was sitting in a ditch near where he was working.

A caller reported that she could hear the neighbors having some type of altercation. Deputy Liles and Deputy Rudolph responded to the scene. The people on scene advised they were having problems with a subject but he left. Everything was okay.

The Sheriff’s Office received a 9-1-1 call from a motorist stating that he just hit a person that was In the middle of the road on Hwy 290 West near the bowling alley. Deputy Liles responded with Trooper Manner and B& M ambulance. The subject was airlifted to a hospital.

June 16, 2011

Lifeline called and advised that their subscriber on CR 450 in Dime Box requested a security check at his residence. Deputy Rudolph responded and reported nobody was around and all was secure.

Deputy Rudolph checked out a business on Hwy 77 North after receiving an audible alarm. The building was secure.

The Clerk at Cefco reported a gas drive off and gave a description and license plate of the vehicle. Deputy Allen was dispatched and given the information. The vehicle was located and escorted back to the store to pay for the gas.

A caller reported that her brother in law’s mailbox had been damaged and requested a deputy to take a report. Deputy Allen responded and advised that the mailbox had minor damage. He was able to fix it and the complainant was happy.

Captain Gonzales and Deputy Allen responded to a disturbance on CR 230. The caller stated that her juvenile son was fighting with other family members. All parties involved were separated from the scene.

A motorist reported that there was a large object, possibly a sink, in the northbound lanes of traffic on Hwy 77 North between CR 114 and FM 1624. Deputy Kahn located the object and removed it from the roadway.

June 17, 2011

Deputy Liles and Deputy Kahn assisted Giddings Police at an address on Cactus St. A 9-1-1 call advised that there was a large fight in progress involving approx 10 people with bats.

A complainant on Sherrill Lane spoke to Deputy Ray about an aggressive dog in the neighborhood. He took his children for a walk and the dog was growling at them and scaring them. Deputy Ray spoke to the owner of the dog.

A caller requested a welfare check on a subject that lives on CR 130. The subject did not show up for a training class and she attempted to reach her by cell and home with no luck. Deputy Ray met with a niece who advised that the subject is staying with family in town and is okay.

Deputy York attempted to locate a red car that was parked partially in the roadway near Walch Store. The vehicle was gone prior to his arrival.

Deputy Durrenberger took a report from a woman who called and advised that her son was bitten by her neighbor’s dog.

Fayette County called and advised that a Carmine fireman reported that his truck was stolen approx 10 minutes ago. The truck was last seen headed westbound on Hwy 290. Deputy Rudolph and Deputy Durrenberger searched for the truck until Fayette County called back and advised the truck was located.

June 18, 2011

A complainant reported that someone was playing loud music on the corner of FM 141 and CR 452. Deputy Rudolph spoke to the people and they agreed to turn it down.

Deputy Ray and Deputy Carvin responded to a domestic disturbance on Ave E in Lexington. The complainant stated that her husband is yelling at her, making threats, and overturning furniture. Subjects agreed that one person would leave the house until the following day.

A subject entered the Sheriff’s Office and requested to speak to a deputy regarding a problem she was having. Deputy Durrenberger spoke to the complainant and took a harassment report.

June 19, 2011

Deputy Ray was dispatched to put up approx. 12 head of cattle that were out across from the bullpen. A second caller advised that there was a big hole in the fence.

The Sheriff’s Office received an alarm call at a business in Lexington. Deputy Carvin was dispatched and advised that the building was secure.

Deputy Carvin assisted Trooper Manner at the scene of an accident on Hwy 77 North. A caller reported that she ran off the roadway and through a fence. No injuries were reported.

A motorist reported that he could see flames coming out of the side of L&F Manufacturing on Hwy 290 East. Deputy Durrenberger responded along with GVFD.

A caller reported that a dark colored truck was swerving all over the road on Hwy 290 West. Deputy Kahn located and stopped the vehicle. The driver was sleepy and pulled over to get some rest before continuing on.


06/19/2011: 45 MALES: 40


The Sheriff’s Office has had numerous call for livestock on the roadways, I would like for cattle owners to be aware of their fence conditions.

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