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Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

June 6, 2011

A complainant spoke to Deputy Allen regarding his neighbor’s dogs. He advised that the dogs are always on his property chasing his chickens.

Deputy Allen was dispatched to Hwy 77 in Lexington after a caller reported that an elderly female was walking in the ditch near Loop 123. The area was searched but no one was found to be walking around.

A caller requested assistance at his place of business on FM 448 because he was having problems with an ex-employee. Deputy Carvin responded to the call and one subject was issued a criminal trespass warning and advised to stay off of the property.

Chief Deputy Lapham spoke to a complainant who advised he was threatened by a 17 year old boy at Peterson’s. A report was written and investigation continues on this case.

June 7, 2011

Deputy Liles responded to an alarm call at a business in Lexington. The doors and perimeter were checked and found to be secure.

A caller reported several mailboxes had been damaged some time during the night on FM 180. Deputy Carvin checked the area for any evidence. Several other people began calling in regarding their mailboxes being damaged also on CR 226, CR 208 and CR 205.

A motorist reported that a house appears to be on fire on Hwy 77 in Lexington. Chief Deputy Lapham and Deputy Allen responded along with Lexington Fire Dept and Lexington EMS.

Deputy Lee and Deputy Rudolph met with a complainant on Hwy 77 in Lexington. The caller stated that he noticed that the lights on his tractor were on and the engine was hot. A close patrol of the property will be in effect.

June 8, 2011

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from Lifeline that their subscriber reports that he heard someone knocking on his door. Deputy Rudolph checked the area.

Deputy Kahn searched for a white truck that was reported to be weaving in and out of traffic recklessly on Hwy 21 near CR 114.

Lifeline called again regarding their subscriber on CR 450 reporting that he believed he heard a vehicle drive up to his house. Deputy Rudolph checked the area again and was unable to locate anyone.

Lifeline notified the Sheriff’s Office once again and reported that their subscriber was advising that he was hearing things outside his house. Deputy Liles checked the area but did not locate anything.

Deputy Kahn met with a complainant who wanted to file charges on her sister for using her name and birth date during arrests. A report for identity theft was taken and charges were filed.

A citizen reported that the same cows continue to get out on CR 218 and was upset and advised that this has been an on -going problem for months now. The caller stated that the fence is down and something needs to be done before someone hits one of the cows and gets hurt. Deputy Rudolph attempted to make contact with the owner but did not get an answer. He spoke to the neighbors and they also complained that this has been a

problem and nothing was being done.

Several motorists reported that a grey Crown Vic was traveling over 80 mph and forcing people off the roadway on Hwy 290 West heading eastbound. Deputy Kahn located and stopped the vehicle on Hwy 290. The driver was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated 2nd offense, driving while license invalid and possession of marijuana.

Deputy Liles was patrolling and reported he located cows out again on CR 218. He reported that the fence is still down.

June 9, 2011

Deputy Durrenberger assisted Trooper Early at the scene of an accident on West Hwy 21. A caller reported that a vehicle crashed into an electric pole.

A caller reported that he lives on CR 114 and that his mailbox had been damaged. Deputy Ray responded and took a report.

Dispatch received a 9-1-1 call from a female screaming that she needed the police on FM 141 @ Red Hill. Deputy York and Deputy Ray were dispatched and checked the area but did not locate any disturbance. Deputies spoke to subjects in the immediate area and they did not see or hear anything.

A concerned citizen reported that someone may have broken into a residence on CR B because a window is open. Deputy York and Deputy Ray checked out the residence and found it to be secure.

A resident in Dime Box called and reported that a 14 month old was in a swimming pool and another child held the baby under water. The baby was reported to be unconscious and not breathing. The caller started CPR and the baby began to breath but was still unconscious. Captain Gonzales and Deputy Rudolph responded as well as B& M Ambulance.

Deputy Durrenberger responded to a call on FM 180. Caller stated that while she was gone someone stole the copper wire out of her air conditioner and damaged the outside of her house. A report was taken and investigation continues on this case.

June 10, 2011

A motorist reported that a black car in front of him on Hwy 290 West was driving recklessly. The driver was swerving all over the roadway. Deputy Kahn and Trooper Thorp located the vehicle and checked out the driver.

Deputy Liles met with a complainant at the Sheriff’s Office. The subject reported that he had been assaulted by his supervisor while at work yesterday. A report was taken.

June 11, 2011

Several motorists reported that a horse was out on the loop in Lexington. Deputy Kahn responded and reported that the horse is being kept at a residence on Rockdale St. until the owner claims it.

A caller reported that a suspicious vehicle was in front of his residence at Westwood Villa. Deputy Liles searched for the vehicle but it had left the scene prior to his arrival.

Deputy Crockett was dispatched to FM 696 East near CR 401 after a caller reported several cows out on the roadway.

A complainant spoke to Deputy Crockett regarding someone trespassing on his property on Warren Rd in Lexington. A criminal trespass warning was issued.

Deputy Carvin advised dispatch to contact Verizon due to phone line poles that were damaged and were leaning near the roadway on FM 2440.

June 12, 2011

Deputy Kahn was dispatched to FM 2239 @ CR 205 after a motorist reported two bulls out in the roadway. The animals were removed from the road.

A motorist reported that a silver Toyota Camry was traveling over 100 mph and passing people in the oncoming traffic lane. Deputy Allen searched for the vehicle.

A complainant reported that he hit a deer on Hwy 77 South near the RV Park. He is not sure if the deer is still in the roadway.

Deputy Kahn was dispatched to Lexington after a complainant reported that a red Chevrolet truck was playing loud music at the corner of 6th St. @ Caldwell St. The truck was located but they had already turned the music down.


06/11/2011: 45



This past Thursday, the Lee County Jail passed a surprise inspection by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards, thanks to all the hard work by my staff. The Burn ban will remain in effect by the Lee County Commissioners Court.





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