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From the Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Frances M. McArthur, PhD Lexington ISD

There are countless reasons why I am proud of our Lexington students and staff. An example of the wonderful job our staff and students did this year is the recently received TAKS results. This is the first year that the scores reflect the inclusion of not only the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS), but the other TAKS versions which include TAKS–Accommodated, TAKSModified, and TAKS – Alternative for some of our students who qualify for special education services. Any student’s results that took one of these tests are included in our district pass rate percentages. In Reading, our district pass rate is 91%; in Mathematics, our pass rate is 87%; in Writing, our pass rate is 97%; in Science, our pass rate is 83%; and in Social Studies our pass rate is 95%. These pass rates are outstanding, particularly recognizing that none of these pass rates include the Texas Projection Measure (TPM). In the past few years the TPM was used in the determination of state accountability ratings for school districts and campuses. The TPM used a statistical model for predicting whether a student who failed a particular TAKS test would be projected to be a passer of the TAKS test at the Successful School Initiative (SSI) grades of five, eight, and eleven. This measure, when applied, increased the accountability ratings for many districts and campuses to a higher rating. While we believe that our Lexington students are about so much more than TAKS scores, I am proud of our teachers and principals for the job they did preparing our students for these state assessments in a year in which there has certainly been some anxiety because of the budget cuts. Thank you also to the parents and community members who are constantly encouraging our students to stay focused on their academics and to work hard in school. You are the reason that Lexington is the place where everyone wants to be!

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