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Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

May 30, 2011

Several motorists reported that someone had put barrels from the road construction across the roadway on FM 141. Deputy Liles responded and cleared the roadway.

A complainant spoke to Deputy Ray regarding his wife and kids who left their residence yesterday and had not returned.

Deputy York spoke to a subject who wanted to report that his truck had been stolen. He advised that it had broken down and his friend allowed him to leave it on his property. His friend advised him that a red dually truck with a trailer picked it up and they thought he had someone he knew pick it up. A report was taken and investigation continues on this case.

A caller reported that he could hear someone shooting what sounded like a high powered rifle. Deputy Rudolph was dispatched to CR 452 in Dime Box.

May 31, 2011

Captain Gonzales took a theft report from a complainant on CR 202 in Paige. The stolen items were entered into the TCIC/NCIC computer.

A resident on Meadow Run in Elgin reported that her husband was very upset and took a loaded gun and put it under his chin and told her that he wanted to end his life. She was able to wrestle the gun away from him and he left in a black Dodge truck heading towards FM 696. Captain Gonzales, Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Rudolph checked the area and sent out a message to all surrounding counties to attempt to locate the subject.

Washington County requested assistance in locating a vehicle that was occupied by a male subject that was bi-polar and disoriented. Subject was last seen heading towards Giddings. Captain Gonzales, Deputy Rudolf and Deputy Durrenberger assisted.

June 1, 2011

Deputy Durrenberger was dispatched to check on a vehicle that was parked at the Globe Hill Church on CR 133. There were no vehicles on the premises.

Several motorists reported a cow out on Hwy 77 South. Deputy Allen chased it off into a private drive but advised there was no fence. He would be attempting to locate the owner.

The Sheriff’s Office received an alarm call at business on Hwy 77 in Lexington. Deputy Kahn made a check of the building and everything appeared secure. The key-holder was notified.

Burleson County reported that they had a subject in their emergency room that had been stabbed. Deputy Liles met with the victim at the hospital and took a report. The stabbing occurred at a residence in Dime Box.

June 2, 2011

Deputy Liles and Deputy Kahn assisted at the scene of a rollover accident on Hwy 290 East @ FM 180.

A complainant called in and reported her ex husband was harassing her. She advised he is very intoxicated and left her residence. Deputy Kahn and Deputy Liles attempted to locate the subject. A report was taken.

Deputy Kahn was dispatched to Cefco in Lexington after the clerk called and reported that a vehicle drove off without paying for gas. A report was taken and investigation continues on this case.

A caller advised that her back door would not stay closed. She was worried that maybe someone had attempted to break in and caused damage to the door. Deputy Liles responded and advised that everything was okay. The door would not close because the house had shifted.

Burleson County requested assistance in locating a suspect who assaulted two women in Caldwell. Subject was considered armed and dangerous and last seen on Hwy 21. Deputy York and Deputy Ray searched Hwy 21 to the county line and were notified that he was located and arrested in Burleson County.

June 3, 2011

St. Mark’s emergency room called and reported that they had a mental patient in their E.R. and he needed to be transported to Austin State Hospital. He was reported to be out of control and trashed the room. Deputy Rudolph transported the subject to Austin.

A motorist reported a stranded motorist with 3 small children on Hwy 77 North near CR 405 in Lexington. Deputy Kahn was dispatched and advised dispatch that they must have got their vehicle started because they were no longer there.

Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Kahn responded to a disturbance on Scenic View Dr. in Lexington. The complainant stated that he had a trespasser on his property. The caller stated to dispatch that he shot at the trespasser with a shot gun and will continue to shoot to kill. The trespasser had left prior to arrival.

June 4, 2011

Sheriff Meyer and Deputy York responded to a possible drowning. CPR was in progress and Airvac was notified. South Lee County Fire Dept. assisted with setting up the landing zone.

An elderly woman was home alone and she advised that some kind of alarm was going off inside her home and she requested help. Deputy Ray responded to 5th St. in Lexington and assisted her.

Deputy Ray responded to a house fire on FM 448 near the Fayette County line. The caller reported that the house was completely engulfed and was not sure if anyone was inside. South Lee County Fire Department, Giddings, Fire Department and Winchester Fire Departments all responded.

The Sheriff’s Office received a silent 9-1-1 call. No one appeared to be on the line and there was a lot of static on the phone. Deputy Rudolph was dispatched to check out the situation but found no one was home.

June 5, 2011

A caller reported hearing several gun shots on Deerwood Dr. He requested a deputy patrol the area. Deputy Rudolph attempted to locate anyone shooting but did not hear any gun fire while he was in the area.

A motorist advised that she ran out of gas on Hwy 21 @ FM 3403 and was stranded. Deputy Durrenberger got the driver enough gas to get to K&C in Dime Box.

Deputy Ray spoke to a complainant who advised someone stole his T.V. and VCR from his residence.

A resident on CR 450 in Dime Box reported that someone stole money from his wallet. Deputy Ray responded and is currently waiting for a statement from the subject.

Deputy York and Deputy Ray assisted Trooper Early at the scene of a two vehicle accident on Hwy 290 West near CR 202.

Jail Count:

05/29/2011: 44 Males: 42 Females: 2

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