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Giddings Library News Corner


By Judy Belyeu

If you need something to read or listen to, stop by the Giddings Public Library to check out our large print editions or a book on compact discs (CD). There are many to choose from, so come and browse, you might see something that catches your eye.

Crescent Dawn by Clive Cussler is a mystery fiction that takes place in A.D. 327. A Roman galley barely escapes a pirate attack with its extraordinary cargo. NUMA director, Dirk Pitt searches for the connections among newly discovered Roman artifacts, the rise of a fundamentalist movement, and the existence of a mysterious long-lost “manifest,” which, if discovered again, may change the history of the world.

Indulgence In Death by J.D. Robb involves a limo driver who was shot through the neck with a crossbow. Next was a high priced escort found stabbed through the heart with a bayonet. NYPSD Lieutenant Eve Dallas will take her investigation into the rarefied circle of her husband, Roarke, to prevent the imminent killing of another victim.

Port Mortuary by Patricia Cornwell is another Scarpetta Novel .When Scarpetta examines a young man’s body, she discovers stunning indications that he may have been alive when he was zipped inside a pouch and locked inside the cooler of her new Cambridge Forensic Center in Massachusetts.

Burn by Nevada Barr is a mystery fiction. National Park Service ranger Anna Pigeon goes to New Orleans to visit her friend, Geneva, only to become the target of a dark curse, prompting her to investigate what it has to do with a fugitive mother accused of killing her family.

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