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Sports Tidbits……

by Mike Organ

Cameron and Weimar will be a good series for a baseball fan to watch. Weimar has a storied baseball program and Cameron has a good group of athletes playing baseball. It will be great to see if the trained baseball players can beat the ‘athletes’.

For the second year in a row Texas A&M won the Big XII baseball tourney championship with a walk off home run. Andrew Collazo hit a home run in the 10th inning to win the tourney for the Ags.

Did you see the rookie driver hit the wall coming out of turn four in the Indy 500? He had the race won but went too fast around the final turn, hit the wall, and skidded across the finish line in second place. What a way to end the race!!!! The crew were disappointed but were happy with the second place finish. Danica Patrick was leading the race inside 10 laps but had to stop for fuel and finished back in the pack. The pit crew miss figured the mileage and cost her the race.

The major leagues are now talking about making players slide instead of trying to dislodge the ball from the fielder covering the base. The Giants Buster Posey, has been lost for the season on a play at the plate. Little League and High School ball players have been having to slide and not block the base unless they have the ball. Injures from collisions have been reduced greatly due to the rule changes at the lower levels. Maybe MLB can learn something from Little League.

Brandon Everage drowned in Little River Friday afternoon. Everage played against Lexington when in high school and junior high at Granger. He led the Lions to the state championship in 1997. From there he played for Oklahoma. He was an All- American safety at OU. Everage had tryouts with several NFL teams but never made the final cut. He did play for a couple of Arena League teams before his fateful Friday swim.

The Round Rock Express got better over the winter when they switched from being an Astros farm team to a Texas Ranger farm team. Round Rock is in first place and Oklahoma City, the new Astros farm team, is in last place. The Express has benefited by several of the Rangers heavy hitters coming through on rehab assignments.

Do you enjoy watching golf, tennis, and baseball on TV? If you do, get ready to enjoy the next few weeks of your sports. With hockey and basketball championships in the finals, there is not much left in the form of team competition.

Dallas has made the finals against the ‘super team’ Miami Heat. The Mavericks are being picked to lose in four, five or six games. The Experts don’t give Dallas much chance of winning. They are in the championship series which means they have a chance that only one other team has.

The Lexington EDC should be congratulated on the baseball field. There have been games there every night this week. One parent said, “I thought it would be nice to have Lexington vs. Lexington Little League teams but Giddings coming to Lexington is something I never expected to see.”

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