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Unsolicited Goods and Volunteers Threaten to Overwhelm Recovery in Joplin, MO

FEMA has asked the American Red Cross to help educate our public and disseminate the following message: A second disaster threatens to overtake Joplin, MO by way of a tidal wave of unsolicited goods (things like clothing, miscellaneous household items, mixed or perishable foodstuffs, diapers...) and volunteers who just show up to help. Critical resources are being redirected from the important work of response and relief to managing what has become a crush of unneeded donated items. Social networking sites are promoting collection drives while radio stations, small and large businesses, business and fraternal organizations and churches around the country fill semis with items that threaten to crowd warehouses and overwhelm distribution channels in the impacted area.

Your help is urgently needed to stem the flow of unneeded goods and volunteers into Joplin.

A coalition of government, voluntary agency and faith-based partners reported that cash to a recognized voluntary agency is the single best way to help disaster survivors. Cash doesn’t need to be sorted, stored or distributed, and it allows the voluntary agency to give the donation towards the needs that most urgently need addressing.

Central Texans who wish to make a financial contribution to the American Red Cross of Central Texas can call 800 or 512- 928-4271 to learn how to donate.

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