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City and School Election Results

Last Saturday, Lexington held City Council and LISD School Board elections.

In the City Council race, two incumbents, Tim Brown and Greg Langehennig, were re-elected and Opal Lewis was elected to her first term.

In the School Board election, incumbent Mark Strain was reelected, along with two newcomers, David Boettcher and Doug Havard.

Out of more than 600 registered voters eligible to vote in the City elections, 155 voted, representing 25% of the registered voters. Forty-nine voted early and 106 went to the polls on Saturday.

In the LISD School Board election, over 3200 registered voters were eligible to vote and 349 voted, representing almost 11% of the registered voters. Eighty-three voted early and 266 went to the polls on Saturday.

In the City election, actual poll numbers were 117 for Opal Lewis; 86 for Tim Brown; 77 for Greg Langehennig; 47 for Tony Tavary; 36 for write-in candidate Angela Brower; 20 for Mary Catherine Atkins and 13 for Stephanie Aderhold.

In the LISD Board of Trustees election, actual poll numbers were 226 for Doug Havard; 203 for David Boettcher; 177 for Mark Strain; 143 for Riza Cooper and 112 for Candace Thornton.

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