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Ten Most Wanted by Local Law Enforcement

1. Wade, Melinda Latrice b/f DOB: 01-09-1969 chg: Probation violation/abandoning or endangering a child

2. Bowen, Fred Edward w/m dob: 06-26-1969 chg: Fail to register as a sex offender

3. Emery, Justin James w/m DOB: 07-21-1986 chg: Probation violation/possession of a controlled substance 4-200 grams

4. James, Adrian Lewis b/m DOB: 01-20-1969 chg: Assault-bodily injury-family violence/probation violation

5. Cooper, Latonya Marie b/f DOB: 01-18-1982 chg: Fail to appear/theft by check

6. Zimmerlee, Amanda Jane w/f DOB: 06-09-1976 chg: Forgery by passing-engaging in organized criminal activity

7. Jordan, Glen b/m DOB: 11-17-1965 chg: Fraud/ insufficient funds

8. Bennatt, Gaylon Glenn w/m DOB: 12-04-1960 chg: Fta/possession of a controlled substance-cocaine

9. Langenberg, Bertha Lee w/f DOB: 12-04-1975 chg: Forgery by passing

10. Stevenson, Justin Duane w/m DOB: 02-02-1990 chg: Injury to a child/probation violation

*Those listed above are wanted as of 05-09-2011

Call crimestoppers at 1-866-930-tips (8477) for a cash reward

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