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Mets and Rangers Open New Ballpark

by Mike Organ

Last Friday afternoon at 6:00, William Dorsett threw the first pitch to Zeth Smith at the new Lexington Little League Baseball Field. The field was officially in use. The new ball park is due to the efforts of the Lexington Economic Development Council, currently headed by Michael Hess. Hess said previous EDC boards had started the plan for the field many years ago and this is the culmination of their plans.

Dorsett threw the first pitch, Zeth Smith was the batter for the first pitch, and Dylan Dominy scored the first run at the new field. These firsts will never be broken. The Rangers scored four runs in the top of the first inning and the Mets answered with two. The Rangers went on to win the game 17-10 and will always be the team that won the first game on the field.

Game two pitted the Lexington Red Sox and the Giddings Astros. Walker Hess threw the first Major League pitch to Dylan Best of Giddings. The Lexington catcher was Cache Garrett. Colby Bexley got the first Lexington hit of the Major Leagues.

The Major Little League teams went at it tooth and nail. Giddings jumped out to a 6-0 lead and Lexington fought back despite giving up a massive home run to the Astros’ first baseman, the first one hit out of the park. The Red Sox eventually won the game 13- 11 coming back from 6-0.

The ball field cost slightly over $100,000 to build. The field came together and the finishing touches were done during the day Friday. The remote controlled scoreboard went up after lunch on Friday. The only problem was getting the board attached in the gusting winds. There are some amenities that will need to be added, like a concession stand and permanent restrooms as the field progresses. The parents of the Lexington players are especially grateful due to their having to make fewer trips to Giddings and the local businesses are grateful for the opportunity to earn additional revenue, here at home.

The umpire crew was a Lexington father- son duo of Phillip and Zachary Brown.

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