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Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

I’m writing this on Friday night of Homecoming weekend because I have plenty of time. My customers cannot get to my store because the Chamber of Commerce egregiously blocked access to Third Street for its festivities tomorrow. I can see craft booths outside of my window, so it looks as if the Chamber has disregarded local business so that it can rent space on our city streets to the hobbyists who go from town to town selling things on weekends—taking our money with them out of town. At any opportunity, the Chamber sets up shop on the Square in direct competition with legitimate business.

NO ONE from the Chamber of Commerce discussed their plan with me to appropriate the street tonight. The Sheriff’s office said the Chamber requested it, and the Chamber said the Sheriff’s office requested it; in either case, the city council did not authorize it. Moneymaking opportunities that they thought required the closing of Third Street (where five businesses and an apartment reside) should have been moved to an alternative location, rather than shutting down taxpaying business. If safety was truly an issue, then the Chamber should have hired professionals to monitor traffic.

The Chamber of Commerce insults the entire community with its rogue self-serving behavior. I would like to hear the thoughts of other business owners who have invested in Lexington. Please email me if you have an experience, or an idea that you would like to share. kelleybrown49@gmail.com Kelley Brown, Pizza Pro

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