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Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

April 11, 2011

Burleson County requested a welfare check on two subjects that were involved in an accident in their county earlier. Deputy Crockett was dispatched to CR 119 and spoke to one of the subjects and everything was fine.

Deputy Ray checked on an older blue vehicle that was parked on the side of Hwy 290 West near CR 235. A note was located on the windshield with the owner’s name and phone number. The vehicle was broke down and the owner was getting parts to fix it.

Deputy Durrenberger responded to a disturbance on Hale St. in Lexington. The complainant reported that a male subject was cussing and yelling at her. Upon arrival, the subject causing the problem had left the scene.

A motorist reported a two vehicle accident on Hwy 77 in front of Petersons in Lexington. Deputy Durrenberger responded and assisted until a Fayette County Trooper was on scene.

A caller reported cows out on FM 696 West approx 1 mile west of Blue. Captain Gonzales and Deputy Rudolph responded and ran the cows into a pasture.

A complainant reported that two kids are riding their dirt bikes on CR 309 and he is afraid they may get hurt. Captain Gonzales and Deputy Rudolph patrolled the area.

April 12, 2011

A truck driver reported that he almost hit a cow on Hwy 21 that was standing in the middle of the bridge on Hwy 21 in Lincoln. Deputy Ray responded to call and ran the cow off into a pasture.

Deputy Ray was dispatched to a residence on FM 2440 after a caller reported that someone was burning trash in a barrel but the flames were approx 2 feet over the top. Everything was okay.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from a female subject who reported that someone hit her with a chair and was bleeding. She advised that she did not need an ambulance but wanted to press charges. Captain Gonzales and Deputy Rudolph met with the complainant.

Captain Gonzales responded to a call on Ave A in Lexington after a complainant reported that someone was knocking on her door. The area was searched but no one was located.

Bastrop County reported that they had received a call from MHMR regarding a suicidal subject named Jeffrey. Jeffrey sent a text message to a case worker saying that he had a gun and wants to end it all. The cell phone was pinged and it showed to come from a residence on 7th Street. Captain Gonzales checked the residence and spoke to everyone in the house and everyone was okay and there was no one there named Jeffrey.

April 13, 2011

A caller reported that there were 3 horses out on CR 320. Deputy Allen responded and located the name of the owner who lives on Giddings Street in Lexington.

Deputy Crockett was dispatched to Ave A in Lexington after a caller reported that she believes someone is outside her residence trying to pick the lock on her front door. The area was searched and no one was located on or near the residence.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from Lifeline advising that a resident on CR 450 called them and reported that someone is walking around in the woods behind his house. Deputy Liles was dispatched to the call. The complainant called and advised that he saw an Armadillo walking out of the woods and did not want a deputy to respond anymore.

April 14, 2011

A concerned citizen reported that an elderly male was walking down the road on CR 217 and seemed disorientated. Deputy Crockett located the subject and contacted Adult Protective Services to check into the matter. A report was written.

Deputy Liles responded to a residence on Ave A in Lexington after a caller reported that she thought she heard someone in the back of her trailer. No one was located in or around the trailer.

April 15, 2011

A complainant reported to Deputy Crockett that she had received a call from her daughter who lives on CR 430 in Dime Box stating that she needed help because her boyfriend was at her residence and he was yelling at her. The boyfriend had left the residence prior to arrival.

A caller reported that there was a very strong odor of burning rubber on CR 414 in Lexington. She thought someone might be burning tires in the area. Deputy Ray responded and searched the area.

Deputy Carvin spoke to a subject who had a problem with renter in Lexington. Subject was advised that the matter would be civil.

Peterson’s Food Mart reported that there was an intoxicated male customer causing problems in the store. They had asked him several times to leave but he refused. Deputy Carvin was dispatched and reported that the subject had left the store and had walked to the Justice of the Peace building. Subject was identified and taken into custody and transported to the jail.

Chief Deputy Lapham spoke to a complainant who advised that she is missing some cattle. One of her calves was located at the auction barn. Two others are still missing.

Deputy Ray responded to a call on PR 4308 in Dime Box. The complainant was having a verbal confrontation with his renter due to damaged property.

The Sheriff’s Office received an alarm call on FM 696 West. Deputy Carvin checked the perimeter and found everything secure.

Deputy Rudolph and Deputy Durrenberger responded to a domestic disturbance on CR 306 in Lexington. A caller reported that her daughter had stolen another cell phone from her. The daughter could be heard screaming and cursing in the background. A report was written.

April 16, 2011

A hospice nurse called and made notification to Deputy Ray that a patient had passed away. The subject lived in Lexington on Hwy 77.

Deputy Ray assisted with traffic control at the scene of a two vehicle accident on Hwy 290 East @ FM 180. There were no reported injuries.

Deputy Carvin responded to a residential alarm in Lexington. Upon arrival Deputy Carvin advised that the home owner was on location and had set the alarm off accidentally.

A complainant came to the Sheriff’s Office and spoke to Deputy Ray about an on-going problem they were having with a female subject. They reported that the female had been showing up on her grandmother’s place causing problems.

Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Rudolph were dispatched to CR 135 after a caller reported that a juvenile stole money out of her purse. A theft report was taken.

April 17, 2011

A caller reported that there was a fight in the parking lot of the bullpen. Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Rudolph responded and reported that one of the parties involved had left the premises. The caller wanted to file assault charges. A report was taken and charges are pending at this time.

Deputy Khan responded to 5 head of cattle out on CR 106 near Bluff Creek, the owner of the cattle had them up upon arrival of the Officer.

Deputy York responded to a Family Dispute in Lexington, the parties of the dispute were separated.

A report of a burn ban violation on CR 209, Deputy York had the subject put the fire out voluntarily.

Deputy Liles was unable to locate a burn ban violation on F.M.141.

Jail Count:

04/10/2011: 42 Male: 38 Female: 4

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and safe holiday travel. Remember to report suspicious activity.

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