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Giddings Library News Corner

There Is A New Shipment Of Books Every Month
By Judy Belyeu

The Giddings Public Library has received three memorials for Amber Lee Leatherman Ray, A Child’s Garden Of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson invites children to take their first steps into the immense world that lies before them. Illustrated with more than 100 pictures, by the most distinguished illustrators of children books in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, this stunning edition brings together some of the world’s best loved poems and most enchanting art. The Little Diva by La Chanze and illustrated by Brian Pinkney includes the CD with original song and reading by the author. Nena wants to be a diva just like her mother, who is a star on Broadway, but she knows that it will take practice and lots of hard work to sing, act, and dance well enough to be a diva.

Clemente by Willie Perdomo is a tribute to one of baseball’s most beloved players and shows how his skills made him the first Latin American player to be inducted into the Hall of Fame and how his career was cut short by his untimely death.

Large print books are always popular and there are many new ones to choose from. Predator by Terri Blackstock is about a fourteen year old Ella Carmichael who is killed by a cyberstalker. Her sister Krista vows to protect others from falling into the same trap while she hunts down the online predator. Whiplash by Catherine Coulter is an FBI thriller. Hired by a Yale professor to investigate the suspicious unavailability of a critical chemotherapy drug, Erin Pulaski discovers that its manufacturer is imposing a shortage to enable billions in windfall profits, a finding that is complicated by the brutal murder of a top employee. Shattered by Karen Robards is about attorney Lisa Grant. When her firm unexpectedly goes bankrupt, she must take a job as an assistant to an infuriating district attorney, where she investigates a cold case involving a victim who could be her double.

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