2011-04-14 / Sports

Sports Thoughts......

by Mike Organ

Kaelan Blok had a busy week last week. He qualified for the regional meets in golf and tennis in addition to playing two baseball games for the Big Green. I wonder how he had time to do his school work ...........?

The Lady Aggies won the national championship, but it was an unusually quiet thing in the media. I have heard very little about it thus far and word is that UT is beginning to question their choice of coaches for their ladies after five years.

The Rangers and Astros offer both ends of the spectrum. The Rangers have lost once and the Astros won once. One article I read said the Astros had the worst team in baseball.

The Lady Eagles and Eagles are both in a position to make it to the playoffs in softball and baseball. If the tricksters will do well, the spring will be almost as successful as the fall.

I hear that Marley is progressing in her healing. It will take a long time for her to heal completely, so keep her in your prayers.

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