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Sheriff’s Report

April 4, 2011

A caller requested that deputies check on her step daughter on CR 341 in Lexington. She advised while she was talking to her on the phone, she could hear yelling and was afraid it would become physical. Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Rudolph spoke to the step daughter and her mother. It was a verbal argument only. Everything was okay.

Deputy Ray was dispatched to Hwy 290 West to check on an 18- wheeler that was stopped in the outside lane of traffic with flashers on. The vehicle was gone upon his arrival.

The Sheriff’s Office received numerous 9-1-1 calls regarding an 18-wheeler that wrecked and lost huge pieces of concrete all over the highway. Chief Deputy Lapham and Deputy Ray responded along with B& M ambulance. Giddings Fire Dept. was paged out to assist with traffic control.

Sheriff Meyer put up a cow that was running loose on FM 2440 approx 2 miles off Hwy 77.

Several motorists reported that a truck ran off the road and the R.V. it was pulling turned on its side. Deputy Carvin and Deputy Ray assisted at the scene until a Fayette County Trooper arrived.

A caller reported that her neighbor on PR 7715 had just shot herself. Sheriff Meyer, Chief Deputy Lapham, Captain Gonzales, Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Rudolph responded to the scene. Justice of the Peace Smith was called to the scene.

Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Rudolph were dispatched to a burglary of a building on Hwy 290 East. Someone had stolen all the neon lights and signs that were inside the building. A report was taken.

April 5, 2011

Deputy Carvin and Deputy Ray assisted the high school with traffic control while the “Shattered Dreams” program was being demonstrated.

A caller reported that a vehicle attempted to dodge a deer that was in the roadway and struck the guard rail on FM 696 @ the Middle Yegua Creek Bridge. Deputy Ray stood by until a Fayette County Trooper arrived to work up the accident.

The Westwood Villa Apartment manager called and reported that a male subject had broken out the window of unit 9-C and was not allowed on the property and was refusing to leave. Chief Deputy Lapham and Deputy Carvin responded to the scene. One subject was arrested and booked into jail.

Captain Gonzales responded to FM 141 approx ½ mile off Hwy 21 after a caller reported that someone has a large open fire. A citation was issued for burn ban violation and the fire was extinguished.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from a complainant on FM 141 that someone was banging on her door. The subject was known to the caller but advised she did not want her on the property. Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Rudolph responded to the call. One female subject was arrested and charged with public intoxication.

April 6, 2011

A motorist reported that a van was stopped in the inside lane of traffic on Hwy 77, just north of Hwy 21 in Lincoln. Deputy Allen responded but advised dispatch that the vehicle was gone when he arrived.

A complainant on CR 405 in Lexington called and reported that her neighbor’s dog is on her property chasing her donkey around. Chief Deputy Lapham spoke to the caller.

Deputy York and Deputy Kahn put up stray cows that were on the roadway on FM 141 in Dime Box.

A complainant came into the Sheriff’s Office and reported that he had a calf penned and was taking it to the auction barn. Chief Deputy Lapham assisted with the paper work.

Bastrop County requested assistance in locating a white Ford truck that caused a rollover accident in their county. Captain Gonzales searched for a vehicle matching the description.

Deputy Crockett spoke to a complainant from Ohio regarding her daughter. She advised that she has been attempting to call her several times and she won’t answer her phone. Her boyfriend has been abusive in the past and she is worried. Deputy Crockett located the daughter and she is okay. She just doesn’t want to talk to her mother.

A caller reported that she wants to get her belongings out of her boyfriend’s house on PR 5002 and leave but he will not let her. Captain Gonzales and Deputy Crockett responded. A report was taken.

April 7, 2011

Deputy York and Deputy Kahn responded to the Courtroom after they were notified that one of the inmates was being disruptive and combative. The inmate was subdued and brought back to the Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office received a 9-1-1 hang up call from a local business. Deputy Liles checked out the situation and advised that everything was okay. Their fax machine was having issues.

April 8, 2011

Deputy York and Deputy Kahn assisted a revenue officer with an escort to an address on FM 1624 so that a summons could be served.

A complainant reported that while he was inside a store a subject that he knows approached him and punched him in the face twice. He is leaving and going home. No charges to be filed at this time.

A caller reported that there were 6-8 vehicles impeding traffic on Hwy 290 East heading west bound. Most of the vehicles have spinners or spokes on their cars. Deputy Liles advised that a Police Officer located the vehicle and he would be assisting. Three subjects were arrested and booked into jail.

Deputy Liles was dispatched to the Sherrill Apartments in Lexington after a caller complained that someone was playing their music too loudly.

Deputy Crockett assisted Trooper Manner at a two vehicle accident on Hwy 290 West near CR 200.

April 9, 2011

A complainant reported that she received a text message from a friend and she believes he may harm himself. Deputy Crockett and Deputy Liles spoke to the subject and he advised that he was not suicidal and was not considering harming himself.

Deputy Crockett was dispatched to check out a bank alarm in Lexington. All the doors and windows were found to be locked and secure. The key holder was notified.

A subject called and reported that while his truck was parked at the Fireman’s Hall someone had broke the lock on the door of his truck and took several items. Deputy Liles took the report and investigation continues on this case.

April 10, 2011

Deputy Crockett responded to a call at CEFCO in Lexington. The caller advised that an older man was inside the store bothering other customers. They asked him to leave but he refused. Subject was given a courtesy ride home.

A caller reported that someone was trying to break into their house. She advised that her husband is a police officer and has a gun checking the outside of the house. Deputy Liles assisted but no one was located. A close patrol of the residence will be put into effect.

The Sheriff’s Office received an automated burglar alarm at a residence on CR 224. Deputy Crockett checked all the doors and windows and found everything secure.

A motorist reported that a dark blue Dodge truck was pulled over on Hwy 77 just south of Lexington and was partially blocking the outside lane of traffic. Deputy York and Deputy Kahn were dispatched and reported that the driver had run out of gas.

Jail Count: 04/10/2011: 48 Male: 45 Female: 3

In the month of March the Lee County Sheriff’s Office investigated 3 Assaults, 1 Assault family violence, 4 Burglaries, 10 Thefts and 1 Unauthorized use of Motor Vehicle.

CRIME STOPPERS PAYS CASH REWARDS FOR INFORMATION ON CRIMES IN LEE COUNTY. For Additional information go to bluebonnet.crimestoppers on the internet or 1-866-930-TIPS (8477)

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