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Fayette Power Project Gets Top Performance Award

The Fayette Power Project (FPP) near La Grange has been selected top performer among an international group of large coal-fired power plants for high performance in reliability, efficiency and cost management.

EUCG Inc., an electric utility industry group, on April 4 announced its selection of FPP as the 2010 Top Performer for the category of large coal-fired power facilities with average unit capacities of more than 300 megawatts. The awards were announced at EUCG’s spring conference in Charlotte, NC. EUCG is a global association of utility professionals and member companies that are recognized as the electric energy industry standard for performance.

The awards are based on each generating facility’s management of operations and maintenance costs and reliability record in 2010. Information was submitted by member companies throughout the United States, Canada, Asia and Israel. The large coal-fired power plant category includes 84 generating units from 31 power plants. Other utilities in this category include CPS Energy and Tennessee Valley Authority.

“LCRA is committed to providing its wholesale electric customers with reliable, affordable and environmentally responsible power,” said Tom Mason, LCRA general manager. “This designation and other benchmarking studies show that coal-fired power gen- eration continues to play a very important role in the diverse mix of generation resources that serve LCRA’s customers.”

“Our employees are always looking for ways to manage costs while maintaining safe and reliable operations,” said Jane Luedecke, FPP plant manager. “ We are pleased that FPP is being recognized for high marks related to these important performance metrics.”

FPP also received the EUCG’s top performer designation for its performance during the 2005 and 2006 calendar years. Other international benchmarking studies also have placed FPP among the best in its peer group for safety, reliability and efficiency.

FPP is located on a 10-squaremile site seven miles east of La Grange. LCRA and Austin Energy share ownership of FPP units 1 and 2. LCRA owns the third unit. LCRA operates all three units, which have a combined net capacity of 1,641 megawatts. FPP generates enough electricity to serve about 410,000 typical Central Texas homes when the demand for power is highest, such as very hot summer afternoons or cold winter nights. FPP has a long history of operating in an environmentally responsible manner. Its main fuel source is coal from the Powder River Basin of Wyoming, which burns cleaner than other types of coal. In March 2011, FPP completed a project that will help remove almost all of the sulfur dioxide emissions from the plant. It also has taken steps to reduce plantwide nitrogen oxide emissions by 65 to 70 percent.

For more information about FPP, visit http://lcra.org/energy/power/ facilities/fayette.html.

About LCRA

LCRA is a nonprofit conservation and reclamation district that provides energy, water and community services to Texans. Created by the Texas Legislature in 1934, LCRA has no taxing authority and operates solely on utility revenues and service fees. LCRA supplies electricity to more than 1.1 million Texans through more than 40 wholesale customers. LCRA also provides many other services to the region. These services include managing floods, protecting the quality of the lower Colorado River and its tributaries, providing parks and recreational facilities, offering economic development assistance, operating water and wastewater utilities, and providing soil, energy and water conservation programs.

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