2011-04-07 / Community News

Giddings Library News Corner

by Judy Belyeu

There are more non-fiction books at The Giddings Public Library that are very interesting to read. Patent, Copyright And Trademark by Richard Stim explains: what legal rights apply to your work, how patent law works, the scope of copyright protection, an overview of trademark law and what trade secret law protects.

Nolo’s Essential Guide To Divorce by Emily Doskow explains how to avoid expensive court battles, divide property fairly and protect you children.

Biographical Companion To Literature In English by Antony Kamm is designed to be read and used by the general reader. This companion guide has been specially prepared by the author for the American market. Kamm takes into account the contributions of individual authors to the development of national literatures and cultural traditions. Attention is also given to the black, Jewish, and women’s writing.

She’s The Boss, by Rochelle Schweizer, charts Nancy Pelosi’s carefully orchestrated rise to power as a uniquely American ruling-class diva who is not so subtly replacing “by the people, for the people,” with “have your people call my people.” It will be clear after reading this book that the party works for Pelosi.

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