2011-03-31 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

Only two people out of 5.9 million correctly picked the Final Four in March Madness. Those two are in the chips or know nothing about basketball and just guessed.

What are the chances that the baseball and softball teams would both play Cameron in a first place game and the score would be 7- 4? Both teams are going to have to play good ball to reach the playoffs.

The reason we haven’t been up to date on ball standings this year is the coaches are not calling in the games and I have been a little lazy on getting the information ready when I finally get it.

With a reported 100 applicants for the Giddings coaching job, it may be a plum or could be a career- ruiner. The Buffs are loaded with returning athletes. With the pressure to win these days, a disappointing season could be the death knoll.

Not Sports: The Leander superintendent must have read my column last week. He is giving up $20,000 in salary, his cell phone, and car allowance to help keep as many teachers as possible. All administrators in the district will give up cell phones and some other perks to keep teachers. They care about the kids and fellow teachers!!!!!!!

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