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Lexington FFA Wins at Lee County Junior Livestock Show and Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

By Lacey Griffith-Lilley Agriculture Sciences, Lexington ISD

Lexington FFA has been running the roads all year, and it has finally come to the end of their show season. From competing at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas to the Lee County Junior Livestock Show in Giddings, Lexington FFA has had a busy and successful year. At this years’ county fair Lexington had a total of 26 kids who showed their projects. From competing in the steer show to the cake show Lexington FFA has made their families and community proud. Lexington FFA walked away with the Grand Champion and Reserve Champion steer, Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Hog, Grand Champion pen of open commercial heifers, Reserve Champion breeding heifer, as well as the Champion senior and junior steer and heifer showman.

The results for the Lee County Junior Livestock Show are as follows:

Steers: Class 1 (American)- Cody Morgan- 4th Senior Steer Showmanship; Tommy Stegall- 5th; Class 2 - Kayla Boettcher- 4th; Chase Hibbeler-5th; Class 3 - Henry Heller- 1st /Junior Showman; Dylan Gifford- 6th; Raimond French- 7th; Class 4 - Caroline Heller- 1st / Grand Champion; Madison Bexley- 2nd / Reserve Champion; Kristen Boettcher- 3rd; Haley Jatzlau- 4th

Hogs: Class 1 - Cody Morgan- 1st Champion Lightweight; Kacee Letbetter- 2nd; Caleb Meyer- 4th; Clay Boettcher- 6th; Kevin Letbetter- 10th; Class 2 - Kristen Boettcher- 3rd; Sara McManus- 6th; Class 3 - Carter Hibbeler- 3rd; Jason Winkler- 7th; Class 4 - Kyle Brewer- 1st Middle weight Champion/ Reserve overall; Brandon Meyer- 4th; Madison Bexley- 6th; Kayla Boettcher- 8th; Kynslie Meyer- 11th; Emilie McManus- 14th; Class 5 - Henry Heller- 1st Light Heavy weight Champion/ Grand champion overall; Chase Hibbeler- 4th; Class 6 - Tyler Meyer- 6th; Caroline Heller-9th

Lambs: Class 2 - Kacee Letbetter- 5th; Class 4 - Kevin Letbetter- 2nd

Commercial heifers: Open - Katelyn Iselt- Grand Champion; Bred - Clay Boettcher- 5th

Breeding heifers: Brahman Class 1 - Cody Morgan 1st; Beefmaster Class 2 - Cody Morgan- 1st and 2nd Reserve champion Heifer; Beefmaster Class 3 - Cody Morgan- 1st; Simbrah Class 1 - Haley Jatzlau- 1st

Cakes Regular and Decorated: Heather Mills- 3rd; Lauren Walch- 7th; Sara McManus-8th; Emilie McManus- 4th (Decorated).

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

The Lexington FFA had a very successful trip to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The students and parents should be commended for the countless hours they put into their projects to prepare them for the show. There were 10 students who competed at Houston this year. There were 3 kids who showed steers this year in Houston, they were: Kayla Boettcher, Madison Bexley, and Raimond French. All 3 individuals did an excellent job of exhibiting their project under extremely tough competition. Raimond was named the Lightweight Division Champion of the Exotic Breeds, and made the sale of champions.

During spring break the hogs and the heifers showed in Houston. In the hog show there are two different waves; the light colored hogs and the dark colored hogs, Lexington students had hogs in both waves. Students showing hogs in the light wave were Kacee Letbetter and Clay Boettcher. They both had to compete against 60 hogs in their respective classes. Clay placed 11th in his class of Chesters. During the dark wave Kyle Brewer, Caroline Heller and Kristen Boettcher showed their pigs. Kristen Placed 2nd behind the Champion Hampshire who eventually went on to win Reserve champion of the whole Houston Hog show.

During the heifer show Cody Morgan and Haley Jatzlau competed with their heifers. Last year Cody competed in several calf scrambles, and caught calves. Catching calves in the scramble meant that Cody would receive a certificate that could be used to buy a heifer to show the next show season. There was much preparation for Cody for the scramble show in Houston. Cody had to complete a scrapbook documenting his year with “Spunky” his heifer he purchased with the scramble certificates, and also write his sponsor monthly to let them know how he and “Spunky” were doing. The last step to completing the scramble heifer show was to construct a backboard to display at the show once they were there.

Houston this past year rewarded over 300 certificates to kids for them to buy either a beef or dairy heifer to show at the 2011 Houston heifer show. Cody placed 1st with his Beefmaster heifer and went on to win the Beefmaster breed at the scramble show. He also placed 5th in showmanship against all of the kids showing scramble heifers. In the regular junior heifer show Haley Jatzlau competed in a class of more than 20 heifers and placed 8th with her Simbrah heifer. In Cody’s Junior Class he placed 5th with his Beefmaster heifer. These kids and parents have a true passion for livestock and competing. From working with their animals daily to giving up their spring break to compete, these kids are a great example of leaders! We would like to congratulate all of these students for their hard work and dedication.

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