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Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

I am a resident of Giddings that has been closely following your citizen’s complaints against Chief Davenport and his department.

I read with anticipation Chief Davenport’s open letter, fully prepared to side with him and his officers. However, several things bother me about what he said. First, he said “I feel like the complaints against me and my department are unfair.” He said unfair, not unfounded. Secondly, “I haven’t been able to tell my side.” His open letter would have been an appropriate forum to do so for the public, yet he didn’t. He will also get a chance to tell it in front of the newly formed committee. He went on to say that most of the complaints against him had been looked at by various agencies and “none of them felt there was sufficient evidence to justify an investigation.” Again, not that evidence was absent, just that it was insufficient. “The City Council . . . chose to take no action.” Perhaps because the committee has not concluded its investigation?

I feel that City Council took and continues to take appropriate action. The composition of the committee seems fair and balanced. I am sure their report will be a fair one to everyone involved.


Joyce Thompson 1136 CR 219, Giddings,

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