2011-03-17 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

I said in the March 3rd Sports Thoughts that Texas might play themselves down to a fifth or sixth seed. They almost made me a prophet, moving from a #1 seed to a #4 seed in the West Regional. The Horns will have to beat Memphis or Arizona just to get a shot at Duke. That looks to be a bumpy road.

The Aggies on the other hand have quietly gotten a #7 seed. They will have to beat Florida State and Notre Dame to get another shot a Kansas. Wouldn’t it be great for Texas to play A&M in the national championship game in Houston? Talk about a packed house!!!!!!

All basketball fans will be getting into the office pool to see who can most accurately pick the winners. The way the government needs money, watch out, they might fine or tax you on your winnings. I would never engage in such gambling……..more than eight or nine times.

The ball teams will get through with spring break and then really get into the district races. Both teams have an excellent opportunity to play ball after district play ends.

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