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An Open Letter to the Community

As you all know by now, I submitted my Letter of Resignation to the Mayor and City Council on February 24, 2011 as Chief of Police for Lexington, effective March 31. The reason for giving this much time before I leave was to give the City of Lexington time to interview and find someone to fill this position.

Although it has been very difficult the last several weeks, I love Lexington and I want the very best for this community.

I feel like the complaints against me and my department are unfair. I’m sorry that some people in this town don’t feel like the job we have done is good enough, but we did what we thought was right. There are always two sides to a story and, because of my position, I haven’t been able to tell my side.

I will say this though, most of the complaints that have been brought against me have already been looked at by the Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies and none of them felt there was sufficient evidence to justify an investigation. The City Council has also looked into two of the allegations and chose to take no action.

It’s a shame that some people felt it was necessary to get the TV station from Austin to cover their complaints, as I think their reporting tainted Lexington’s image.

There are a lot of good people in this town that I care very much about and I will always want the very best for Lexington.

To all the officers who have ever worked with me, past and present: I wish the very best for you and I want you to know that I did the best job I knew how looking after the City, the Police Department and you.

Sincerely, Randy Davenport

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