2011-03-10 / Police

Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff
Rodney Meyer

February 28, 2011

Deputy Lapham and Deputy Rudolph responded to a burglary call on CR 114. The complainant reported that his barn and truck had been broken into. A report was taken.

A caller reported that she was getting into her vehicle and could hear a child screaming for help. She advised she lives on Scenic View and drove closer to her neighbor’s house and could hear him screaming but could not find him. Sheriff Meyer, Captain Gonzales and Deputy Durrenberger were dispatched along with Lexington EMS and Lexington Fire Dept. The 4 year old was finally located in a tree. His mom was inside the house.

Captain Gonzales spoke to a complainant regarding a child custody case. He advised his exwife had moved and would not tell him where his child was living. The subject was advised to consult with an attorney.

March 1, 2011

Deputy Liles and Deputy Crockett responded to a domestic disturbance on PR 1419 in Dime Box. The caller advised that she was being abused.

A resident reported that a vehicle had pulled up near her gate and had the parking lights on. Deputy Liles responded and advised that the complainant stated that the vehicle had left prior to his arrival. The area was searched but no vehicles were located in the area.

Several motorists reported 4 horses out on FM 112 approx 1 mile past CR 316 in Lexington. Deputy Liles was dispatched and reported that a man had rounded up the horses and loaded them on a trailer.

Deputy Carvin was dispatched to CR 210 after a caller reported that his mailbox had been damaged. Several other callers reported damage to their mailboxes also on CR 209. A report was made.

A caller reported that she had put a new lock on her door and the lock and door frame had been damaged. Deputy Lapham spoke to the complainant and after investigation it was determined that the damage was caused by the complainant’s daughter that lives in San Antonio.

A concerned citizen reported that an elderly man just stopped at his residence on CR 117 and appeared to be disoriented. The subject was on foot and was walking towards Dime Box. Deputy Lapham located the subject and gave him a courtesy ride to the Sheriff’s Office because he was dehydrated and lost. Family members were contacted and they picked him up.

Deputy Carvin spoke to a complainant that was worried about an employee that had not shown up for work. A welfare check was requested. No one answered the door at the address given and there were no vehicles around.

An anonymous caller reported that someone was burning a large brush pile on CR 117. Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Rudolph located the subjects and had them extinguish the fire and gave them a burn ban violation warning.

A motorist reported that an 18- wheeler was swerving all over the roadway on Hwy 290 West heading eastbound. Deputy Rudolph located the semi and made contact with the driver and advised he was tired and would pull over and rest before continuing on.

Deputy Ray, Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Rudolph were dispatched to CR 323 approx 2 miles off FM 1624 to check on a red Dodge truck sitting in the bar ditch with the lights off. A juvenile male and female advised they had just pulled off the road to talk.

March 2, 2011

A caller reported that a white male subject was standing in the middle of the road on FM 1697 approx one mile east of FM 141. Deputy Liles located the subject and he was in the process of changing a flat tire.

The Sheriff’s Office received a 9-1-1 call from a female advising that her truck was on fire on Hwy 21. She was unsure of her location and first believed that she was in Dime Box. It was determined that she was near Hwy 77. Deputy Lapham and Deputy Carvin were dispatched along with Lincoln and Giddings Fire Dept.

Deputy Lapham and Deputy Carvin assisted with a funeral escort from Hwy 290 West through Giddings.

Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Rudolph removed cows from the road on Hwy 77 North approx ½ mile north of Hwy 21.

A caller reported that his ex-wife was on his property causing problems. Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Ray were dispatched to PR 2192. Everything was okay and the parties had separated.

A resident on CR 217 advised that someone had run through his fence. A cell phone was located at the scene. Investigation continues on this case at this time.

Deputy Liles, Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Rudolph met with a complainant on PR 5000 after he called and reported that he had been assaulted. He advised two subjects came at him with BB guns. The complainant was checked out by EMS but refused treatment. All parties involved will be reporting to the Sheriff’s Office to give statements.

Deputy York was dispatched to PR 7707 after a resident reported seeing a suspicious male walking down the private road. No one was located but deputies will be patrolling in the area.

A complainant reported that there are approx 11 head of cattle on her property and they are eating her garden and flowers. Sheriff Meyer was able to locate the owner of the cattle and they were contacted. They were leaving work to go fix the fence.

March 3, 2011

Deputy York responded to a residential alarm on CR 114. The owner was on scene and advised that her dogs must have set it off. Everything was okay.

A caller reported that she had been in an altercation with her neighbor and requested a deputy. Deputy Durrenberger responded and spoke to both parties involved.

Deputy Allen assisted Trooper Manner on Hwy 290 East. A motorist had broken down and occupants needed to be transported back to town.

March 4, 2011

A caller advised that she saw two subjects at the Globe Hill Church on CR 133. Deputy Allen and Deputy Liles searched the area but did not locate anyone on the premises.

Deputy Lapham spoke to a complainant and advised that he had let a friend borrow his dump trailer several months ago and after speaking to his friend he advised him that the trailer has been missing for approx 3 months. The trailer was entered as stolen and a report was taken.

A complainant reported that he had received a call advising that it appeared someone had been living in a house that he was selling on Hwy 290 East. No one should be there. Deputy Carvin checked out the residence and advised that it looked like a transient might have been staying there at some point. There were a few beer bottles lying around.

Sheriff Meyer received a call stating that a gas line was hit on a right of way down PR 2111 while digging a tank. South Lee County F.D. stood by until D.C.P. arrived to fix the leak.

A school bus driver reported 4 cows out on CR 127 in between FM 1697 and CR 123. Deputy York responded.

March 5, 2011

A caller reported that she was talking to her daughter on face book and her daughter told her that her boyfriend had been beating on her and throwing things around the house. Deputy Liles went to the residence on CR 139 and spoke to the daughter and boyfriend. They advised there was not a problem. There were no marks on the daughter and the house was in order.

Deputy Carvin spoke to a complainant who advised that she had been receiving threatening phone calls from her ex-boyfriend. Deputy Carvin spoke to both parties and they came to an agreement. No report at this time.

Deputy York assisted Burleson County with a funeral escort from Hwy 21 @ CR 426.

A motorist reported that a red Toyota Tundra was weaving in and out of the traffic lanes on Hwy 21 West heading westbound. Deputy York searched for the vehicle but advised dispatch to call Bastrop County and pass on the information.

Several callers complained about the trail riders blocking the road on FM 141. Deputy Crockett, Deputy Ray, Deputy Allen and Deputy Liles patrolled the area.

Deputy Ray and Deputy Allen assisted with a civil standby on CR 139. Caller advised she wanted to get her personal belongings out of her boyfriend’s house.

A motorist reported that a black male using a walker was walking down CR 118. Deputy Allen was dispatched and located the subject who became angry and said he will have to quit walking at night.

March 6, 2011

Deputy Liles and Deputy Ray responded to a noise disturbance at the Westwood Villa Apartments. A caller reported that she could hear screaming. Deputies were unable to locate or hear anyone screaming.

A resident on CR 213 reported that sometime during the night her mailbox was damaged and a piece of pipe was still lying on the ground.

Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Rudolph were dispatched to a residence on CR C after a caller reported that items were missing from his truck. A report was taken and investigation continues at this time.

A motorist reported cows out on Hwy 77 North at the city limits. Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Rudolph ran the cattle off the highway.

Jail Count: 03/06/2011: 49 Male: 45 Female: 4

In the month of January the Lee County Dispatchers received 277 calls for service; the Lee County Jail had 1190 inmate jail days in population and 53 inmate jail days in holding.

Prevent harm to yourself or others. Before digging or excavating of any kind call the “Call Before You Dig” number 811. Any questions regarding 811 please call the Sheriff’s Office. CRIME STOPPERS




COUNTY. For Additional information go to bluebonnet.crimestoppers on the internet. 1-866-930-TIPS (8477)

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