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Dear Editor

Dear Editor, I saw the letter from Butch Lee in the March 3 edition and I want to set the record straight regarding CITGO. Each and every CITGO station is locally owned and operated. That means every time you fill up at a CITGO, you are supporting Lee County, Texas. A perfect example of this is Lexington’s Peterson’s Food Mart, the second-largest employer in the town and one that has given back to the local community for more than 22 years. As the president of Lee County Petroleum, I am proud to offer my friends and neighbors high quality CITGO fuel to run their tractors, drive their trucks, or take their children to school. I am also proud of the commitment we have made to our community by supporting organizations such as the Lexington EMS, the Lee County Fair and Rodeo, the Optimists youth soccer team, and many other local schools, churches and charities. Every time you fill up at a locally owned CITGO station, you are helping these organizations, too. As Lee County, the State of Texas, and our great nation recover from the financial crisis, it’s vital that we pull together to help local businesses and not spread distrust in our community. Next time you need a tank of gas or the weekly groceries, stop by Peterson’s or any local CITGO station, meet the local owner and employees, and see for yourself what a local hero looks like. Ed Awad Lee County Petroleum

Dear Editor: I have lived in this town for 14 years. The whole time I have lived here I have never met a better set of police officers. Chief Davenport is a very kind and caring person. I was in some trouble a few years ago. He took the time to come by and talk to me and explain to me my actions and the consequences of them. How many officers care about a person like that? Not many! I realize people make mistakes, but people need to be forgiven. Somewhere this town needs to learn to forgive people. I am so mindboggled at this town right now, for them thinking that 1.) he is racial profiling and 2.) he would sexually harass someone. Maybe if this town would really take the time to get to know someone, then they would understand the person. This town will never truly accept outsiders. Maybe one day people will open their eyes and realize they had something good. An Angry Citizen Christina Baker

Dear Editor, I am so sorry that the Chief of Police has been railroaded and that the City let him go. I live by myself and I always knew I could call Chief Davenport. I trust him and I will miss him. I have always known that if I needed something, he’d be there. He was always nice and polite and it was nice to know he was around if I needed him. Sincerely, Charline Fleeger, Lexington

Dear Editor: On Saturday, February 26, I visited the Dollar Store to make a purchase and left my billfold in a basket. I did not realize I had done this until Sunday afternoon. I went back out there and all the money and all the credit cards were still in my wallet and I sure appreciate it. Then on Thursday, March 3, I fell on a private sidewalk on Rockdale Street. A lady by the name of Sylvia, I think, drove by, turned around, came back and helped me up. She said she lived in Dime Box and I appreciated that. There are some good people in Lexington. Sincerely, Cherry Stover

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