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Council Member William Langehennig Reports on Committee Progress

City Council member William Langehennig reported to the Leader this week that the Citizen Advisory Committee authorized by the City Council had met four times as of Tuesday of this week. Another meeting is scheduled for Friday, March 11. Langehennig said then the committee plans to meet with Officers Fred Kelly and James Sherer before reporting back to the City Council.

According to Langehennig, the committee had met with 20 to 30 people so far, some bringing complaints and some bringing compliments.

He said, “There are some wild accusations out there. I understand we’ve been called the Hanging Committee by some people, but we’re not trying to hang anybody. We’re just trying to find the truth.”

The Citizen Advisory Committee was formed by the City Council after the February 9 meeting to look into allegations and complaints against the Lexington Police Department. Langehennig said, “Once all the complaints have been heard and statements taken, the committee will put together a recommendation for the Council as to the next step to be taken for the Police Department.”

Langehennig is on the agenda for this week’s City Council meeting scheduled for Wednesday, where he intends to ask the Council for each council member to have permission to contact the City Attorney for all city matters that they think they need legal advice on. He said, “I’m asking for free access to the attorney, not for the committee, but for all city matters.”

The common practice for the Lexington City Council with regard to legal matters is for each member to take their questions to the Mayor, who then submits the questions to the City Attorney.

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