2011-03-03 / Sports

Sports Thoughts…..

by Mike Organ

The softball and baseball teams are off to a great start. Now if they can only finish as great as they have started.

The girls are 12-2 and the boys 3-0.

Texas has fallen again to a team that it should have beaten by 20 points. I ask again, “Are the Horns’ going to collapse again this year like they did last year?” In the second half against Colorado, they were playing one-on-one ball instead of team ball. Just like last season. You would think there should be at least one coach on the sideline that could recognize it and get it stopped. They have lost their #1 seed in a regional. With a game at Baylor left on the schedule, they may lose again. A poor showing in the Big XII tourney could cause them to drop to a fifth or sixth seed.

The Eagle track team made a good showing in LaGrange. Especially since they had athletes from baseball and tennis competing.

The Spurs are a good team to watch. They play team ball and tough defense. They have the best record in the NBA because of their team chemistry. The club had done a great job of collecting good role players. Not everyone can be a star. High school parents and college egos should take a lesson from an organization like the Spurs.

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