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Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

Hugo Chavez: do you who this is? He is the leader of Venezuela. This is the leader who is a close ally of Fidel and Raul Castro of Cuba. He is the newest friend of IRAN. He is the man who says he hates AMERICA.

This is the man whose regime owns and controls CITGO gasoline and fuels. This is the same CITGO you see in our town. Every time you fill up with a CITGO product that money goes to the countries who say they hate us.

Next time before you fill up, please look up at the sign on the station and say to yourself: Do I really want to fill up here?

Butch Lee 512-760-5151 Dear Editor,

Words used by our former Chief of Police Randy Davenport in resigning from office were meant to leave us and our community hurting, do not let this be the case. His words were, “The city is in shambles. It will never get any better.” What he should have said is his Lexington police department is in shambles and it will not get any better until he and his officers are gone.

Our city is not in Shambles and never has been! We have a wonderful community held together by good folks who have stood up to adversity when need be. The City of Lexington is poised for greatness again as it once was. We have a perfect location 45 miles due Northeast of Austin. This makes it easy for those who live here to commute to Austin for higher paying positions. In the other direction to our Northeast about an hour is Bryan/College Station. It just doesn’t get much better than this for a rural setting with commutability to city life.

Throughout my life I have made errors and mistakes in judgment.. Helping to replace a police department that had gotten out of control is not one of them, as I pray all citizens of Lexington and surrounding Lee County will soon see. When need be, I will be there to stand up for our great community.

Now is a time to heal, coming together as one and seeing our city into the future.

Sam Scoggins

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