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Council to Take Complete Inventory of Police Equipment and Suspends all Officers’ Off-Duty Security Jobs

Monday night, at 6 p.m., the Lexington City Council met in a Special Session to address several issues with the Police Department. The meeting began with Public Input, where five people were heard. Cherry Stover, Clara Grace Sherrill and Christina Baker spoke on behalf of Chief Randy Davenport and the Department. Stover and Sherrill offered to the Council letters from local people who expressed their support of the Chief also. Speaking after those three were Sam Scoggins and Don Chrisner, who spoke against the Chief and the Police Department.

The first agenda item was to discuss and act on the duties of the committee that was appointed in mid-February by the City to review the Police Department. Clarification was needed to ensure that the committee would be acting as an advisory committee only. The committee, consisting of two City Council Members (William Langehennig and Tim Brown) and three local residents (Angela Stinnet, Angela Brower and Kerry Quinney), are to review complaints and accommodations about the Police Department and then report back to City Council on their findings in a month. The Council voted to clear up this controversy.

Next the Council addressed Lexington Police Officers working off-duty security jobs. Council members were concerned that the City may be found liable for the officers while they worked offduty security jobs, since they were bonded by the City. The City Attorney explained that the City would not be liable, provided the officers were not in LPD uniform, not carrying their LPD badge for identification and the City had signed releases from the companies for which they worked. The Council voted to not allow Lexington Police Officers to work off-duty jobs at this time.

The Council voted to take a complete inventory of the Lexington Police equipment. William Langehennig and Tim Brown will oversee this project.

The Council voted to accept Chief Randy Davenport’s letter of resignation, which states that he will stay on until March 31, 2011.

The Council then convened into Executive Session three times, once regarding Chief Davenport, once on Officer Fred Kelly and once on Officer Jim Sherer. In regard to the Chief, no action was taken; however, with regard to the other officers, all action was tabled by the Council. Mayor Robert Willrich, Sr. stated that these items would be tabled until the advisory committee completed their investigation and reported back to City Council.

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