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Lexington FFA Students Busy

The Lexington FFA Students have been extremely busy since coming back from Christmas break. Once the New Year kicked off, the students have been getting their livestock ready for Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston, and Lee County Junior Livestock show.

While in Fort Worth, Lexington FFA had 7 students participating in showing heifers, lambs, and steers. During the heifer show, we had two students, Haley Jatzlau and Cody Morgan, exhibit their heifers. Haley placed 4th with her simbrah and Cody placed 6th with his beefmaster. The next week Kacee Letbetter showed her market lambs placing 21st out of a large class of 80 lambs. The steer exhibitors took a hard hit from the weather during the final week of the Fort Worth Stock Show. The temperatures stayed below freezing during their stay, not to mention the ice and snow on the ground making it hard to travel. These conditions didn’t keep our students from competing though.

During the steer show, Lexington had 4 students show their steers. Kristen Boettcher, Henry Heller placing 7th, Caroline Heller placing 12th, and Raimond French placing 13th. The steer show in Ft. Worth is one of the hardest in the country. The average size of each class is 40 steers or more.

The month of January has been busy, but the month of February has been extremely busy. From showing heifers and then turning around and going right back with hogs and steers, the students have really had to be on their toes showing in San Antonio.

The heifer exhibitors left Monday night February 7th and waited in line with their heifer for 12 hours. Once in the barn there was still no rest, the students had to haul in all of their equipment, feed, and prepare the bedding for their heifers. The heifer show went just as well as it did in Ft. worth with Haley Jatzlau and Cody Morgan exhibiting their heifers, with Cody placing 3rd in both of his classes.

After making it home from the heifer show, the hogs were leaving to go back. Kristen Boettcher, Clay Boettcher, Henry Heller, Caroline Heller, Kayla Boettcher, and Kacee Letbetter were the students who exhibited their hogs. Kayla placed 2nd behind the eventual Middle Weight Division winner, Caroline placed 4th, Henry placed 10th. Kristen, Clay, and Kacee all were pulled to be placed in the top of the class. Like the steer classes in Ft. Worth, the hog classes in San Antonio and Houston have an average of 60 hogs per class making them very competitive. Just to be pulled and in the top 15 is a major feat.

During the steer show Haley Jatzlau, Cody Morgan, Kristen Boettcher, and Madison Bexely competed, with Madison placing 5th in the Red Angus breed. This was a great end to the San Antonio Livestock show with 12 students participating.

The upcoming shows in March are the Houston Livestock show and Rodeo and the Lee County Junior Livestock show. There will be a number of Lexington FFA students competing at these events also.

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