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LISD Board Struggles with Budget Cuts

The impact of the recently announced reduction of state aid on Lexington schools was once again the major topic of the Board of Trustee meeting this past Monday night. The LISD trustees voted to approve out of district transfers. Families choosing to transfer from other districts will have to pay a $250 application fee for the first two children in a family and $50 for every additional child. The District will receive additional state funding for each student that transfers. The newly adopted LISD local policy stipulates that the following factors will be considered before a student’s transfer application will be accepted: availability of space, student’s disciplinary history, and attendance records.

Administrators will look carefully at student’s records to ensure that students meet Lexington ISD’s high expectations for good behavior before allowing a student to enroll.

Dr. Frances McArthur, Supertintendent of Schools, said, “LISD officials are looking at every area of operations to see what cuts can be instituted that would have the least amount of impact on student learning. Everything is on the table at this point in order to reach a 5% to 10% reduction in expenses. A 5% reduction in expenses is equivalent to $371,600 and because approximately 80% of LISD’s expenses is personnel, that same 5% reduction is equivalent to 8.7 full time professional positions.”

“ Similarly a 7% budget reduction is equivalent to $ 520,250 or 12.2 full time professional positions, and a 10% budget reduction is equivalent to $743,200 or 17.5 professional employees.”

“ In order to appropriately reduce expenditures to meet the anticipated dramatic decrease in state funding, administrators will have to reduce personnel costs by reducing job positions throughout the district. Before fully considering whether the elimination of positions is necessary to address its budgetary needs, the LISD Board of Trustees voted to voluntarily reduce personnel positions as well as obtain an accurate forecast prior to the end of the current 2010-2011 school year of those employees who do not intend to return to employment for the 2011- 2012 school year.”

“ Any employee currently employed by LISD who agrees to voluntarily resign, for whatever reason, effective at the end of the school year will be eligible to receive an early notification incentive equal to 10% of the employee’s 2010-2011 base pay if the employee provides the Superintendent of LISD with a written letter of resignation no later than 3:30pm on March 28, 2011.”

“Early notification incentives will be given only to the first twelve employees to turn in their resignation letters and any written notifications after March 28 shall not qualify for the incentive. The incentive payments shall be made within sixteen business days of the resignation effective dates,” finished Dr. McArthur.

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