2011-02-17 / Sports

Sports Thoughts…….

by Mike Organ

With basketball season wrapping up it is time to turn our attention to baseball and track. Softball season starts the 15th and baseball the 24th. Track meets will start the first weekend in March. Tennis and golf will also demand some of the students’ time. Mix in UIL literary, because our athletes are no dummies, and you have the busiest time of the year.

Even though several of our athletes are garnering all-state honors, none of the college recruiters have stopped by with pen in hand for a commitment. You would think some of the graduating Eagles would get some interest just because they led the team to the state finals.

Football season is behind us now, but March Madness will be here soon. (Time is really flying by.) Start studying for your office brackets, so you can win!

Aren’t you surprised that Jerry and the NFL screwed up the Super Bowl extravaganza? With performers a no-show at $1,500 a ticket for the pre-SB party to the seat mess, Jerry and the city of Arlington did not do the Metroplex any favors. Several people have openly said, “Dallas does not need to be involved in future Super Bowls.” I know the weather did not cooperate, but still the event meant billions to the DFW economy.

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