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Exciting OT Game Added to JV Season

by Mark Strain

With a shortened basketball season, the young JV Eagles have faced their share of obstacles. Lack of practice time before the start of the season, no pre-season games or tournaments prior to district play and lower than expected participation numbers causing a shallow bench and strategy setbacks such as the ability to implement a full court press. What they did have in abundance was heart and effort. With just one win under their belt for the season, the JV Eagles played host to the Rogers Eagles on Tuesday night, February 8 in the AP Kleinschmidt gymnasium. The one win under their belt was against.. Rogers. So with high hopes they tipped off in search of another victory over the Black Eagles. In the first period with a good defense that shut Rogers out and good assists from teammates, it was #12 Corey Strain with the hot hand. Strain hit a 2 pointer and followed it up with two 3’s for the only scoring of the first and Lexington was up 8-0.

At the left is London Jacob and above is Corey Strain. At the left is London Jacob and above is Corey Strain. The second period had Rogers recover, answering with 5 points before Lexington’s # 30 Marcus Cassassa started with 2. The scoring for the rest of the second was an alternating affair. Rogers would score then Lexington, then Rogers then Lexington and so on. By the half Rogers had gained some ground but was still behind with Lexington up 20-14. #34 London Jacob, like Strain earlier,depositeda2thenfollowed with two 3’s. # 22 Derek Dane jumped into the scoring melee with a nice 2 banked off the boards.

With the start of the third, the pace was fast, but the scoring had cooled. Jacob started the scoring with a one point foul shot. He later would add 2 more from a nice assist from Cassassa while Cassassa had put in two more himself. Rogers was able to tally 7 to end the period down to Lexington by a score of 25-21.

Above - Strong JV Defense in an exciting OT game against Rogers. Above - Strong JV Defense in an exciting OT game against Rogers. With the fourth and final period starting up, more and more fans were piling in for the upcoming varsity match. The noise level grew and the excitement was palpable.

Rogers started the fourth like they had the second. They rattled off 7 unanswered points taking the lead 30-25 before Strain was sent to the foul line making both to get the score back to 30-27 Rogers. Rogers took the ball down the court where the ball was knocked out by Lexington. Rogers in bounded right under the basket scoring 2 more. Lexington’s Cassassa put in 2 to bring the score to 32-29 Rogers with 1:26 left in the game. With the game close and fans cheering and screaming, Lexington took the ball down the court and Strain knocked down his 3rd 3 for the night tying the game at 32 each with 54 seconds. Rogers in bounded the ball and went down the court. A bad pass later and Jacob was heading the other way with time running out. He was fouled going up and sent to the line to shoot two. Six seconds left in the game, score tied 32-32 and the Eagles were shooting free throws....... missed the first and...... missed the second. Regulation time ended with a tied score of 32-32.

The tip off for the OT was short lived as the buzzer sounded immediately after Lexington won the tip off battle. With either clock or coaching troubles, the clock was reset and Lexington again took control of the tip off. Coming down the court, Strain and Jacob had a nice give and go setting Strain up with the ball. He was fouled going up and sent to the free throw line. After making both shots, Lexington’s lead was short lived when Rogers went right down the court to score 2 of their own. Lexington got the ball back and went back to the Strain Jacob give and go only to have the ball shot through Strain’s hands right to an awaiting Cassassa who popped a bucket putting the lead back in Lexington’s hands at 36-34. With 2:14 left in overtime, Dane fouled the Rogers shooter in 3 point land, sending Rogers to shoot three and sending Dane to the bench with his fifth foul. Rogers made one and missed two making the score Lexington 36-35 over Rogers. Over the next minute the ball went back and forth until Rogers had control and made a shot that was missed, however the only player jumping up for the rebound happened to be a Gold and Black Eagle. Rogers put in the rebound and took the lead 37-36 with 1:04 left. The next possession saw Strain being fouled again and back to the free throw line. He made the first and missed the second causing a new tied score of 37-37. 41 seconds later saw a repeat of Strain being fouled again and back to the free throw line, this time making both points allowing Lexington to take the lead 39-37 with 18 seconds left. With 11 seconds left, both coaches decided to call time outs to think things over. After the time outs, Rogers in bounded the ball, and started dribbling down the court when the whistle sounded for a double dribble call against Rogers. 8 seconds left in the game and Lexington in bounded to Strain who was fouled. Back at the free throw line leading by 2 and 2 shots to shoot.... missed both. Rogers rebounded the ball drove the length of the court shot and missed only to have the ball go out of bounds with less than a second left. Coach Rogers had Jacob in bound the ball far down the court and the buzzer sounded as soon as the ball was touched. Lexington JV walked away with an exciting over time win and a final score of 39-37.

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