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Flex School Calendar to be Presented to Lexington Trustees

On Thursday, February 10, the Lexington ISD District Education Improvement Committee unanimously voted to recommend an Optional Flexible Year (OFYP) secondary calendar to the board of trustees next Monday. The DEIC is comprised of teachers, parents, and community members who serve as an advisory group to the superintendent.

The proposed secondary calendar offers the flex day opportunity for secondary students and the elementary calendar does not.

This opportunity is provided through a change in the Texas Education Code, which allows districts to modify their instructional calendar to meet the educational needs of students at risk of failing by shortening the school calendar for all other students for up to ten days.

It is called Optional Flexible Year Program, OFYP. OFYP requires that the district provide 170 days of instruction for all students and 180 days for students who do not pass TAKS or are in danger of not being promoted.

The proposed Lexington ISD Secondary Calendar will take advantage of seven of those ten possible days. Students who are successful this spring will enjoy three extra days after Christmas and will have the added bonus of ending school four days early if they continue to do well next year.

These flex days will be a great incentive for all secondary students to work hard and put forth their best effort.

See the Superintendent of Schools column in today’s paper on page A3.

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