2011-02-10 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

Condolences to Jason Holcomb and his family on their loss. Our prayers and thoughts will be with you in this time of grief.

The Packers came through despite losses of key personnel during the game. It seemed for a while the Steelers were going to come back and take the game. Each time they threatened, the Pack upped the ante.

Aaron Rogers is proving the scouting combines are only guesses. He was passed over for Alex Smith as a top pick. He went to the Packers in the twenties. Quite an error by those judging talent and quite a gift for Green Bay.

Softball practice is underway full time. Coach Starnes is having to juggle his schedule so he can take care of basketball and softball at the same time. An LHS-ex with college softball experience, Kadie Dodd, will be assisting Starnes this season. Dodd has been handling most of the practices this year until Starnes completes basketball season.

Baseball has started spring training also, with their first scrimmage this past Monday. They will scrimmage in Franklin Saturday and host Rockdale in a scrimmage Monday the 14th on Valentines Day.

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